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Air India Baggage not received on arrival

Every Airline company takes good care of luggage. Air India Baggage service is good and so strong. You can approach them anytime.

First of all, Air India assure you that this won’t happen as Air India security is a prime concern. But If your baggage is not received by you on the arrival area. You can contact the Air India help desk, near to the baggage belt area. They may ask you to fill in the details of your baggage. Once you are done, your bag will be traced and further, Air India will contact you.

Pro Tip: You can try to put your contact details inside and outside of your baggage
In addition to this information, you should start putting a copy of your itinerary inside every bag. It i just to make it easier for the airline company to reunite you if you are separated from your luggage. Do this with your carry-on bag in case you are forced to check that bag at the last minute. For personal security reasons, you may want to use an address other than your home address.


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