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Air India Express

Air India Express caters all the passengers with standard services needed for a comfortable flight. Free standardized meals and limited on-board entertainment facilities are available. It’s very common that people compare Air India Express with FlyDubai. It’s because both the companies are good in low cost carrier services.

But, if it is a matter of only flying then there is no difference as the fares that you pay which are low.

Air India is the flag carrier airline of India owned by Air India Limited (AIL), a Government of India enterprise. It is the third largest airline in India (after IndiGo and Jet Airways) in domestic market share. It operates a fleet of Airbus and Boeing planes.

So, air India Express is India’s first international airline. It offers great value for money and efficient services. Company’s mission is to provide convenient connectivity in the short-range routes with most affordable prices to passengers.

Interesting Facts about Air India Express:-

  • Air India was Tata Airlines in 1932. Majority of it bought over by the Government in World War 2.
  • Rajiv Gandhi was a professional pilot associated with the Indian Airlines.
Also, the company earned a net profit of ₹296.7 crore in the financial year 2016-17. According to Air India accounts department, Last year they earn ₹361.68 crore. The positive financial outcome is responsible to a 5 to 7% drop in unit costs.
According to an official statement, the airline’s revenue during the period shot up by 14% to ₹3,335 crore. Similarly, the average daily aircraft uses rose to 12.2 hours from 11.3 hours. While the capacity offered went up by 33% with the fleet size increasing through the year from 17 to 23 aircraft.  Reported by The Hindu
Seems like, Air India Express is growing so fast. Personally I prefer Air India when it comes to budget airlines.


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