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Air travel in India

Air travel in India includes a lot of rules and regulations to follow. We might know a lot of them but few are still untouched.  This sounds crazy but it is true. When it comes to do’s and don’t, people can only explain basic things which they follow. Today we are going to take this to another level. We will talk about this in deeper details.  Being a traveler whenever I plan a trip, the very first thing I do is: I create a list of things which I am going to face during my vacation. And it starts from my home. The very first challenge I face during packing my baggage. I know there’s a limited baggage rule for all the airlines. Most of the time the allowance rules are common but not for every airlines. Some airlines will give you extra space where some are too strict with their rules and regulations.

Today, I am going to share few tips for Air Travel in India.  Almost every person can relate to this. It doesn’t matter if you are a frequent flier or an occasional traveler.

Smart Packaging

By the word “Smart Packaging” I mean packing your luggage so smartly that you could save some extra space in your bags to put more items. One day I was traveling from one destination to another within India. I had a flight to catch after my office. As you know that air travel in India is not just a word, but a complete task to perform. So I quickly completed my office work and start running towards my home. I have to pack my luggage quickly and have to put all of my stuff.  Here I used my brain and get help from internet. I explored the internet and found few cool packing hacks. I would like to share those tips with you guys.  Here is the list of packing hacks.

  • Roll the clothes instead of folding them. You can save your space and carry some extra items such as belt and pair of extra socks in your baggage
  • Wear as much as you can rather than packing it. This doesn’t sound cool but it is one of the best tricks. Wear extra clothes inside your over coat and later remove them once you are on your sear after boarding the flight. A little extra layer of clothes on your body will give you a lot of free space in your bag. Now you have some extra space in your suitcase to put some more items.
  • You can also use your pockets to hold small things rather than putting them in your luggage. You can even fold small clothing items and place them in large pockets of a jacket or cargo pants.

Baggage Allowance

baggage allowance

This is very important for me. I always cross check with my airlines about baggage allowance rules and regulations. I don’t want to pay extra bucks for little extra weight in my bags. It really hit my pocket and emotions when I have to do this. When I pack for my upcoming journey, I take care of baggage weight which helps me in saving my money. It always reduces the time duration while check-in my baggage. Being a traveler I take care of these little things which help me to enjoy my journey. It takes very less time to check the website or airline or call the customer support and get this information. But this information can save some extra bucks and buy you extra happiness.

Web Check In

online web check in

Web check in or check in online is one of the simplest check-in processes at airports, wherein a passenger could check-in (check-in stands for confirmation) for the flight through the respective airline website. It helps the passenger to save their precious time while boarding the flight within the allotted time for departure. This facility would be available starting 48 hours in advance to 2 hrs before a flight departs. Any passenger holding the confirmed ticket for airline can avail this facility. This facility not only saves your time while check-in but you can have some more benefits of Web Check In. You can have a look on Web Check In Befits. I am sure you are going to like all the benefits of this service.

Smart use of airport waiting time

Smart use of airport waiting time

It’s very boring to wait on airports. Being a traveler I faced this a lot but I always use my time in interesting things. You might want to try some of them. Given below are few good ideas to use your time wisely on airports during waiting.

  • Always carry a book under your arm so that you have extra edge than those who are waiting with you because you are feeding your mind with lot more creative and useful ideas which are available in priceless books.
  • You can also bring out your inner artist by using your camera phone. If you have time then you can invest it in your photography skills. You can challenge your creativity and get inspired.
  • Also, don’t forget to stretch your body at least 5 to 6 times if your flight duration is more than 12 hours and drink lots of water to hydrate your body.
  • If you are traveling alone, get to know the people next to you. Every person is interesting; you just need to find their story. Air travel in India will give you a chance to meet various cultures in one flight and you might be interested to know more. So try to start a conversation with people.
  • Use of technology while traveling

Technical Solutions

This part is my favorite. I love to use as much as technology to make my journey memorable after all domestic air travel in India is not an easy task. I would like to share few good tips with you all. In fact if you are on a domestic trip air travel trip then these tips is going to help you a lot. First of all air travel in India is itself a challenge because of the multiple languages. You can see different culture and languages and sometimes lack of communication creates big problems. So here are few tech tips to make your journey memorable.

  • Google Translate: – Communication is always a big challenge if you are traveling. It is a big problem for people who travel outside the country. You can reduce your pain by downloading Google Translate and. Offline feature of this application can help you a lot during your trip.
  • Charging cable: – It is very common between us that we forgot to carry adapter while traveling. People like me, always charge the phone by plug-in the cable in laptop. We might not carry laptop on every trip but we can use the cable to charge phone by plug-in into hotel TV (Television) USB spot.
  • Offline Google Map: – None want to struggle in streets while on trips. It is always good to use applications such as Google map which can help you while you are struggling in streets. You can use the offline mode to find your ways and save your time.
  • Gate Guru: – It summarizes your flight itinerary into a simple yet beautiful interface. This way you don’t have to sit at your gate in anticipation of a gate change; just have GateGuru with you and you can be sure to know of any amendments to your flight schedule. What’s really cool about this app is the “stats” feature: you can see how many hours you’ve spent at airports, in planes, and in other places. (On second thought, this might depress you when you realize how much time you spend traveling!)
  • Expensify:- Theoretically intended for business travellers, Expensify is a nifty solution for scanning and processing your trip receipts and keeping track of your holiday spending. Its smart scanner generally does a good job of processing data (though you’ll need to pay for unlimited scans), while reports can be helpfully emailed over to an address of your choosing. Or your boss, if you’re that fancy. Save Time and money while traveling.
  • Come home with memories not with overdue charges: – It’s amazing to exploring new places and create memories for life time. One of the famous traveling quote by Gustave Flaubert is “Travel makes one modest, you see what a tiny place you occupy in the world.” Traveling is important in life because of many aspects. We learn experience & gain a lot when we travel. First thing we learn from travel is, we have to come out of our comfort zone to see something amazing. When we push ourselves out of our comfort zone and take the time to really see a different culture, we start to sip at the antidote of life’s poisonous attitudes. Travel exposes you to different perspectives, experiences, history, culture, religions and ultimately, a better self.

I hope now “Air Travel in India” will not create problems for you. I tried to share my best tricks with you guys. You can go ahead and enjoy your journey. It would be great if you will share this information with your friends, family and co-workers because it’s precious information but it’s absolutely free. I would also entertain all of your feedback and suggestions. I love to hear from people. I would be more than happy to share your experiences. I would make sure that your shared experiences, information and suggestions will reach to people who are looking for good information on internet.


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