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Low Budget Swoop Airlines

Another low cost airlines is about to debut in aviation industry. The Swoop airlines is all set to debut in the world of aviation with a bang. Swoop, a no-frills airline launched by WestJet, carried an inaugural group of travelers on Wednesday morning from Hamilton, Ont. to Abbotsford, B.C. Swoop airlines is going to offer some good traveling experience to its customers in lowest budget.

Every country has some good low budget carriers and this Canada is about launch its low budget airlines for travelers. Here are few things which you need to know about Swoop Airlines

Where will swoop fly?

As per the official article on CTV News Swoop airlines is going to operate domestic flights between five small Canadians airports. It is said in report that airline will work between  Abbotsford International Airport, Edmonton International Airport, Winnipeg James Armstrong Richardson International Airport, John C. Munro Hamilton International Airport, and Halifax Stanfield International Airport. The airline is aiming to connect people who live by United States-Canada border. It is going to be interesting to see if people are actually interested to use this low budget carrier.

How much it is going to cost?

This is the most interesting part. People are more interested to know how much they are going to save if they use this low budget airline. The company said that people can enjoy their travel with 30-40% less than other national airlines. Several Swoop Airlines flights are available under $100.

What are the extra charges and extra fees?

You may be wondering how Swoop manages to keep the fares low. Here is the answer of your question. Swoop charges extra fees on everything from carry-on baggage to standard seat selection.  Given below is the quick look for some of the costs:

  • Travelers will be charged $6 to choose any standard seat (including a middle seat)
  • If you want extra leg room then you will be asked to pay $12-$23
  • Passengers who want priority boarding services have to pay $11.50
  • For checked baggage customers are supposed to pay $26.25-$28.75 they can purchased online in advance of the flight
  • The carry-on baggage would cost $36.75-$40.25 for travelers. They can also purchased online in advance of the flight
  • $42-$46 for checked baggage, purchased at the airport counter
  • $52.50-57.50 for carry-on baggage, purchased at the airport counter
What kind of planes passengers can expect?

As far as planes concern, passengers are going to like the Boeing 737-800s painted all pink and white. Travelers will get 189 in this airplane.

Are major cities being added?

Getting into the industry is a big thing and Swoop airlines don’t want to rush into expansions. The airline company doesn’t have any immediate plans to expand to big cities, and Robert Kokonis, president and managing director of AirTrav Inc., thinks the company will probably keep it that way. “I think Swoop wants to avoid Montreal, Toronto, Vancouver as much as possible,” he told CTV News Channel, pointing out that the airline will have a large clientele from smaller airports.

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