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Australian Airlines and people of Australia criticized China for pressuring Qantas Airlines to list Taiwan as a Chinese territory on its website

Every year people see controversies with different Airline companies. This time it is about an international controversy. As per the article on BBC, China requested Australian Airlines Qantas to list Taiwan as a Chinese territory on Qantas Airline’s website. China made the same request to more than 40 other airlines, a move the US has called “Orwellian nonsense”

Everyone in Australia reacted on this request. Australian minister Julie Bishop who works as Australian Foreign Minister said “Qantas is the real owner and they should have all the rights to manage their website”.  Ms Bishop’s statement is very important at this stage because Australia is about to introduce “New Australian Law to Prevent Foreign Interference”

It is pretty clear that Australia didn’t like the pressure of Chinese people. It’s obvious because private organizations are running their business on their own and if they have to face political interruption in their work, they might not perform well. Qantas Airlines knows how to run the business. Qantas is the flag carrier of Australia and its largest airline by fleet size, international flights and international destinations. It is the third oldest airline in the world. It means they are already doing it right.

China should understand that they can pressure Airline companies inside China but they can’t pressure companies outside China. Companies such as Qantas airlines are running their business quite well and serving people in best possible way. If China is not happy with the services then they can contact Qantas Airlines & share their feedback.

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