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Budget Travel Tips

India is famous for most beautiful places in the world to travel. A traveler can experience the culture, people and enrich history. Good thing is people don’t need extra bucks to experience India. Traveling to India is relatively less expensive compared to many other destinations. Given below are few budget travel tips to save your money while exploring India.

Focus on local Food than expensive hotel food

Travelers spent a lot of money on food because they are not sure about the food prices and end up with some extra investments. If you really want to explore India then give a try & have some local food services. The street food in India has a lot of variety, and is extremely cheap. Meals with two different curries, puffed bread and soup can cost about 70 cents USD. This means spending a little extra time streets dedicated to food sellers can save you large amounts. Not only is food from street vendors cheaper, but it can be safer as you can see exactly what is going on in your meal. If you want to eat, some restaurants can offer meals for as little as $3.00

Don’t hesitate in Negotiation while shopping in local markets

As you know that every business owner want to make big profits. When it comes to travelers every shop owner will try to sell you good on extra prices. Always be prepared to negotiate prices. Often, salespeople will charge the foreign delegates extra bucks than the normal price of items. So there are huge savings. It’s a good idea to take only the money you’re willing to spend, and not anymore. If you need more, we recommend keeping it in a separate place, such as a bag.

Daily Budget Travel Chart

As stated above, Daily Budget Chart is one of the best things which can help you in saving extra bucks. This gives you the total amount of money you should take. It’s a good idea to do something more than this if something unexpected happens.

Keep your senses open while roaming

Be careful with your money. India (like many countries) has many pickpockets that try on tourists so it has to be vigilant. Just take the money with you for the day. Another good idea is to keep money in different places, so if something happens, you have a backup plan. Many of the rooms you stay have safes that can keep you money.

Avoid traveling during festive season

Try to avoid rush season if you really wanted to explore India. If you travel to India during peak periods, you have to pay a lot of money for many things like flights and accommodation. Traveling in off-peak times can save you a lot of money. There are currently many discounts and promotions available. One of the option to fulfill the budget travel. In general, the high season in India runs from October to March, so traveling outside these times is consider off-peak. However, if you go to the mountainous areas of India, the busiest time is in winter, so this is something to consider.

Avoid too much tipping

Tipping is expected everywhere. However, most of the sites contain all of these costs as “service costs” in their invoices. Be sure to check this before tipping to avoid pressing twice. In general, you should not tip more than ten percent of your total bill.


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