Interglobe Aviation Ltd is the parent company of Indigo airlines. It is well-known for its low-cost airline segment. Indigo has it’s headquarter at Gurugram (formerly Gurgaon), Haryana, India. It is one of the biggest airline in India by passengers carried and fleet size. It has 38% market percentage as of august 2017. The company is also the largest individual Asian low-cost carrier in terms of jet fleet size and passengers carried. It is also the 7th largest carrier in Asia with over 41 million passengers carried in 2016. The airline operates to 48 destinations both domestic and international. It has its primary hub at Indira Gandhi International Airport, New Delhi India. Indigo airline founded by Mr. Rahul Bhatia and Rakesh Gangwal who is a USA based India, as a private company in 2006. It took delivery of its first aircraft in July 2006 and commenced operations a month later. The airline became the largest Indian carrier in passenger market share in 2012. The company went public in November 2015.

Where can I get Indigo Web Check In information?

indigo web check in information
indigo web check in information

Where can I get Indigo Web Check In information?

Before sharing indigo web check in information, we will try to understand indigo web check in first. Web check in is a service for all the passengers. Airline companies implement this service to increase the services quality. This helps both customer and company in different manner. By using this service, people can save their time at airport while traveling. This is a convenient way to check-in on the internet for Indigo domestic flights. The best part of this service is passengers can Web Check-in at anytime up to 1 hour prior to the scheduled departure time. This service allows passengers to select their preferred seat and print or email their e-Boarding pass.

Being a traveler, I always prefer to save as much as time on airport. I don’t like to stand in queues for hours. Whenever I plan a trip for myself, I do my complete research on airline services. It takes a very less time to find out details. I strongly believe that if we have the right information about services, we can double the amount of joy in our journey.

Indigo web checkin boarding procedure

Boarding procedure for indigo check in is simple and easy. It is designed to serve passengers in a better way. I would like to inform you that passengers who have Web Checked-in can directly proceed towards the boarding gate with the boarding pass.  If in case passengers do not have any checked-in baggage. If passengers have checked-in baggage, they may check-in their baggage at the baggage drop counters and then proceed to the boarding gate. There are no hidden terms and condition for this process. All you need to take care of your luggage while using this service. You can image the amount of time you save while using this service. You don’t need to wait for hours.  Passengers can focus on your journey only rather than doing airport formalities. And the best part of this service is, it’s absolutely free. It means you don’t need to pay extra bucks to avail this service.

Who are eligible for web check in indigo

The eligibility criteria for indigo web check in don’t have tons of terms and conditions. It is simple and user friendly.  Given below are the eligibility criteria.

  • Passenger holding a valid and confirmed IndiGo booking reference (PNR), purchased directly with Indigo or through a travel agent.
  • ŸA maximum of 9 passengers per PNR and with a maximum of four segments.
  • ŸCustomers fulfilling the check-in window criteria.

Who are not eligible for Indigo Web Check In

  • Passengers with a reservation with any Special Service Requests, besides Meals, cannot Web Check-in (Eg. Infant, Wheelchair etc.)
  • ŸPassengers travelling in a group of more than 9 passengers on a single reservation number.

I hope this indigo web check in information will clear the concept of this service. But if you still have any question then you can check out more information at indigo’s official website. You can visit the portal by clicking here.

However, if you have any corrections to this information then do let us know. You can share your valuable feedback with us. We are available for our visitors. Please write to us at All the suggestions and feedback are welcome. Please don’t hesitate while contacting us. We strongly believe in sharing right information with everyone.

Indigo Web Check In FAQ for domestic & international travel

indigo Web Check In FAQ

Indigo Web Check In FAQ

Given below are few common Indigo Web Check In FAQ. This is a compressed list of questions from flyers.

How to do Indigo Web Check In?

Using web check in service is not difficult. It is same for all domestic and international travelers. You can use the service by following simple steps. Here are the steps for Indigo Web Check In

What If my booking details are not matching with my ID proof documents?

Passengers will not be able to board the flight if the booking details are not matching with represented ID proofs. Make sure that your identity card details will match with booking details.

How much free luggage can I carry with me in flight?

Baggage allowance for domestic and international travel is different. You can check the baggage details by visiting Indigo Domestic Baggage Allowance page.

What happen if my flight is delay?

At the time of making booking, if you have provided the active phone number then you will get notification from Indigo Staff. They will send your flight details through SMS. In case of any delay or emergency, Indigo will notify you in advance.

Where can I share my services feedback?

In case of any feedback or suggestion, you can directly contact customer relationship department. You can write to them at

These are basic questions from indigo customers. You may check more details by going to Indigo FAQ page. You can find more details over there. However, if you have any feedback or suggestion for us (Webcheckin Team) then please let us know. You can write to us anytime at we love to hear from people so that we can provide right information to everyone. Please don’t hesitate in sharing. We are always open for suggestion and feedback.

Flight Delays & cancellations at Indigo


Flight Delays & cancellations at Indigo

Being a traveler, flight delays are one of the biggest fears of me while traveling. I always reach airport before time to make sure that my flight is on time. None ever want to miss their flight. I would like to share few good information on flight delays which will help you in your travel journeys. As per the DGCA, airline is bound to pay compensation for delay in flights. If the delay exceeds 24 hours the airline is also supposed to provide free accommodation to its passengers. You have below rights if your flight is not on time –

  • You’ll receive ticket fare along with INR5000 as compensation. If the flight time is 1 hour.
  • If the flight time is between 1–2 hours you will get ticket fare along with INR7500 as compensation.
  • A passenger can get INR10000 as compensation if the flight time is more than 2 hours.

Also, if you need to travel urgently, the airline is also required to accommodate you in another flight and bear the cost of it.

It is pretty important as a consumer to know your rights!

However, this information will generate few more questions in your mind. If we talk about Indigo, they are pretty much clear about their flight delays and cancellations policy. They have provided complete information on their website which includes detailed information. You can simply visit the site and get the exact information.

Given below are most common questions on flight delays.

How am I going to receive information if my flight is delay?

This is common question comes to a travelers mind while booking a flight. So let me tell you if you have provided Airline Company your SMS-capable mobile phone number while booking, then companies like IndiGo will notify you in advance through an SMS on your mobile phone. Passengers will also receive the revised itinerary on their registered email address.

Indigo recommend all passengers to provide correct phone number and email address at the time of booking. It enable the company to inform passengers in unforeseen cases of flight delays or cancellations. You can update your contact details on the View/Change Booking page on Indigo website.

For more information on flight delays & cancellation you can also check the official GoIndigo page here

How to do Indigo Web Check-in?

indigo web check in

Web check in can save time for travelers and we all know that if passengers are using indigo web check in service then they can have hassle free journey. We would like to share some simple steps by which people can do web check in easily. Given below are the steps.

Simple steps for Indigo Web Check In for domestic flights.

  • Visit
  • Select the web Check-in option.
  • Follow the process flow as per the requisite information.
  • Enter your 6-digit code of Booking Reference and Email ID/Last name.
  • Please read the following terms and condition mentioned above. Click on confirm and continue check the box.
  • While you follow the process, you will be shown the seat map from where you can choose any of the available seats. Click on “Pick seat” or “Auto Allocate seat” to confirm your allotted seat.
  • Move your cursor to “Click here to Check in” option and click on it.
  • On successful completion of web Check-in you will get your Boarding pass ready with two options: View/Print/Boarding Pass or you can send to your Email address for printing later.

Once the process is done, passengers can take a deep breath and relax because they will be traveling hassle free. It’s a great feeling when you visit airport and don’t have to go through with a lot of formalities and checks. Being a traveler I would suggest everyone to use web check in to always have a hassle free journey. Just concentrate on your travel destination and upcoming adventure.

This information is for all domestic travelers who are traveling via indigo airlines. Everyone can use this service while traveling inside the country or outside the country. So don’t wait in queue’s and waste your time. Use web check in service to save your time and enjoy the journey and keep using this for future travels.

IndiGo Airlines offer tickets as low as Rs 899 in New Year sale

Indigo Airlines offer

Indigo Airlines Offer

Indigo airlines offer tickets in lowest prices. This would be another New Year 2018 gift for all Indigo customers. As per the company announcement, company is offering fares as low as Rs 899 for travel between February 1 and April 15. There’s only one thing which passengers need to keep in mind. The tickets should be booked from Monday to Wednesday. This Indigo Airlines offer contains some more features such as 10% cashback & IndiGo Special Service Vouchers of worth up to INR600. Extra benefits are applicable if tickets are booked using HDFC Bank credit cards. This amazing Indigo Airlines offer is valid for both international and domestic flights, on the company’s website and mobile app.

Given below are few highlights of rates for different domestic flights.

  • Delhi to Chandigarh flights begin at Rs 899
  • Delhi to Jaipur is Rs 999
  • Mumbai to Bengaluru are Rs 1,399
  • Mumbai to Chennai at Rs 1499

However, offer is available for international flights as well so given below are few highlights of rates for different international flights.

  • Bangkok to Kolkata at Rs 4,099
  • Dubai to Delhi at Rs 5,299.

Taking advantage of ongoing market promotions of airline companies, HDFC bank is also running a promotional offer by the name of ‘Merry Mondays’ on SpiceJet Airlines. According to promotion, HDFC Bank is offering up to Rs 1000 off on tickets booked every Monday.

Given below are the terms and conditions for this Indigo Airlines Offer

* IndiGo offers all inclusive fares starting from Rs. 899/- for flight bookings made through all channels during the Offer Period for the Travel Period (“Offer”).

* Get additional cash back from HDFC Bank and IndiGo’s special service vouchers, only for bookings made on IndiGo’s website ( or mobile app through HDFC Bank Credit Card. Maximum cash back and maximum amount of vouchers issued per flight booking, shall not exceed: (a) Rs 300/- each, for a one-way flight booking; and (b) Rs 600/- each, for return flight booking. *

* Offer is available on limited seats on selected sectors and flights. If applicable seats are not available then regular fares will appear.

* Fares in this Offer are non-refundable upon cancellation by customer. On cancellation, Customers will get only statutory taxes as refund.

* Change in itinerary can be made by paying the applicable change fee and fare difference.

* The Offer is not valid on IndiGo’s group bookings.

* All IndiGo flight bookings made under this Offer are subject to IndiGo’s conditions of carriage available at

* Customer cannot club this Indigo Airlines offer with any other offer or promotion. Company holds the 100 rights to modify or terminate this offer any time without prior intimation to the customers.

In order to avail this offer, customer has to agree all the terms and conditions. Also he has to agree that customer information will be shared with booking agents, company representatives, service providers and Indigo Employees. He will receive Indigo Airlines offers & promotional information in future.

Also, if you have further questions regarding this Indigo Airlines offer then you can visit the official Indigo Airlines promotion page.