Journey of spicejet started in March 1984. Company established by Indian industrialist S. K. Modi with the vision of providing private air taxi services to every Indian citizen After 9 years. On February 17th 1993, the company was named as MG Express. It was an important year for MG express because they entered into technical partnership with the German flag carrier Lufthansa. The airline provided passenger and cargo services under the name of Modiluft (Modi from S.K. Modi and Luft from Lufthansa) before ceasing operations in 1996. spicejet After a long wait of 8 years the company acquired by Ajay Singh In 2004. He planned to restart operations as SpiceJet following the low-cost model. After starting the operation, SpiceJet leased two Boeing 737-800 aircraft in 2005 and planned to order 10 new aircraft for expansion. Company opened bookings on 18 May 2005. They took the first flight between Delhi and Mumbai on 24 May 2005. After this, company took another leap in 2008. By the end of July 2008, it was India's third-largest low-cost carrier in terms of market share after Air Deccan and IndiGo. Indian media baron Kalanidhi Maran acquired 37.7% stake in SpiceJet in June 2010 through Sun Group. The airline ordered 30 Boeing 737-8 aircraft worth US$2.7 billion July 2010 and a further 15 Bombardier Q4 Dash short-haul aircraft worth US$446 million in December 2010.

Baggage is overweight

baggage overweight

Baggage overweight

Carrying overweight baggage is one of the biggest problem for people. This might cause problems if you are not aware about baggage overweight charges. Before traveling to any destination, it is good for every traveler to know about baggage rules and regulations. You can reduces unnecessary charges also, can make your travel hassle free.People using Spicejet Airlines, should know that every baggage of weight more than 15 kgs is counted as overweight baggage.   I would like to inform you that SpiceJet has policy for baggage allowance. Passengers should know that carrying more than the free baggage allowance, is chargeable. It can cost at the rate of ₹100 per kg for first 5 kg and for above 5 kg, ₹300 per kg will be the charge for domestic flight. Overweight charges for Domestic and international travel are different.   For international travel, Passenger with excess baggage, will be charged ₹500 per kg. In conclusion, I will suggest you to carry very less luggage. Take care of your baggage size and weight.

Tips to save space in your suitcase

  • Roll the clothes instead of folding them. You can save your space and carry some extra items such as belt and pair of extra socks in your baggage.
  • Wear as much as you can rather than packing it. This doesn’t sound cool but it is one of the best trick. Wear extra clothes inside your over coat and later remove them once you are on your sear after boarding the flight. A little extra layer of clothes on your body

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Modify my ticket after web check in with spicejet

spicejet ticket

Spicejet ticket modify

Spicejet ticket modification & cancellation process after doing web check in is simple. Customers who have done web check in can modify or cancel their ticket only by calling the Spicejet Customer Care (Reservations) at +91-9871803333 or +91-9654003333 up to 2 hours before schedule departure time.

I have my Spicejet ticket & traveling with an infant. Can I do web check-in?

A Passenger cannot do web check in with an infant. You need to report at the Airport

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Lost luggage bags. What to do? Am I entitled to Baggage Claim?

spicejet baggage

Spicejet Baggage

Spicejet gives a very good service and takes care of all the baggage. But what passengers can do if they have lost their baggage? Baggage claim is not an easy process. Well, in this situation passengers can follow a very simple and easy process. Spicejet baggage policy is simple so that passengers don’t have to face problems.   Passengers can to contact the airline company’s Customer Care. In case of Spicejet, it is generally located near to the arrival belt area. The staff at the baggage service desk will help passengers to complete a report of lost luggage. Once the report is completed, the company contact the customer as soon as they locate the baggage.   In addition, the company provide baggage compensation in the amount of Rs 200/kg up-to limit of Rs 3000.   However; company given compensation if they are not able to locate the luggage within 7 days.   For more information, passengers call the customer care. Given below is the customer care contact information.   Mobile : +91 987 180 3333 +91 965 400 3333 (24 Hours)   For any Feedback / Suggestions / Complaints, please email at custrelations@spicejet.com Check the information before traveling to enjoy your journey.! .....   Read More

What if I web check-in and miss the flight?

missing flight

Missing flight after web check in

Missing flight after web check in is one of the worst fear of travelers. Sometimes, passengers fail to board the flight on time or before the scheduled departure time. as a result, they have to face loss. If you have ever missed a Spicejet flight, then it will be good for your information that only government taxes (GST, PSF, UDF) fare is refundable. The process of refund will be completely online. Your amount will be refunded through online transaction to the passenger’s

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what is priority check in at spicejet?

what is priority check in

What is priority check in at spicejet? Priority check-in is an airline service that makes your travel hassle free. It offers a comfortable experience by minimizing your waiting time at the airport. It provides you priority baggage check-in and priority boarding permit to board first. Passengers can buy this service while making the booking or after making the booking.

  • Priority Check-in is a pre-paid service.
  • This

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