Excess baggage fee to go up on all domestic flights as per Delhi HC

Excess Baggage

Excess baggage fee to go up on all domestic flights as per Delhi HC

As per the recent news, Excess Baggage free will to up. It’s because of recent Delhi High Courts statement by Rejecting Directorate General of Civil Aviation’s (DGCA) June 10, 2016 circular. In normal language we can say that all passengers should get ready for spending some extra bucks on their luggage. Get set for heavy penalties for exceeding baggage weight allowances. Delhi High court’s justice Vibhu Bakhru set aside the Directorate General of Civil Aviation’s (DGCA) June 10, 2016 circular. After this, the airline companies can revert to the rates they were charging earlier, which ranged from Rs 220 to Rs 350 per kg.

Appeal of Federation of Indian Airlines (FIA)

Justice Vibhu Bakhru of the Delhi High court considers appeal of Federation of Indian Airlines on August 16th 2017. He allowed the appeal of the FIA (Federation of Indian Airlines). As per the appeal, FIA claim that the airline company should have the right to fix the tariff according to Airline Company not by regulator according to them. Also, the excess baggage charges should determined by market standards not according to regulating committee.

According to the Circular of DGCA, the airline companies can only charge their own fee on extra baggage if the weight exceeds 20KG. After the decision, new rates will apply after 1st of July 2017. It happened because the court had not stayed it or deferred the date of implementation.

At the same time, Gaurav Sarin the Federation of Indian Airline’s advocate said that Directorate General of Civil Aviation does not have the authority to set up rates of tariff. They said it while challenging the circular.

It had said that the DGCA can interfere only when there are specific instances of discriminatory practices and such circulars cannot be issued in a general manner.

Currently, all domestic carriers allow free checked-in baggage up to 15 kg. Only Air India allows free baggage of 23 kg

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Web check in benefits

web check in benefits

Web check in benefits

Web check in is a service which can help a traveler in many ways. It can be beneficial for frequent travelers. People who visit occasionally can also avail the service and add value to their traveling experience. I would like to share few web check in benefits which I have observed and availed in last few years of my travel.

Given below are few web check in benefits.

  1. You don’t have to wait in the line at the check-in counter of the airline
  2. You should be able to choose a seat online and not worry about seat preference
  3. Pre-book meals/special services
  4. Don’t worry about the denial of check-in if you reach after the 45 minute window of check-in
  5. It ensures that your seat is held for you even if you arrive a bit late for check in. If you don’t check in online and are late for check in, the airline might give away your seat.
  6. Shorter queues in most airports where they have separate counters for web check in.

And the best feature of this service which I like the most is Web check in allows you to have your boarding pass sent to your phone so you can skip the kiosk. It still saves time even if you have to check a bag. Isn’t it amazing service? Yes it is so go ahead and read more about it here. Mentioned above are some reasons you should consider checking in online before you travel. Benefits depend, of course, on the airline but have a huge impact on your travel experience.

Some airlines insist you use web check-in otherwise you are charged a fee to do it at the airport. This fee can be expensive. But all it depends on different airline companies that how they treat their passengers.

Passengers NOT eligible for Web check-in

indigo web checkin rules

Indigo Web Checkin Rules

Web Check-in is a convenient way to check-in on the internet, which allows you to select your preferred seat and print or email the e-Boarding pass. Today we are going to share information based on indigo web checkin services rules and regulations. The rules for indigo web checkin is simple. A passenger should not fall under below listed criteria in order to do web check in.

A Passenger traveling for our International flights cannot Web Check-in.

Guests traveling in a group of more than 9 members on a single reservation number.

Apart from an airline food service, any Special Service Request cannot do web check-in e.g. Infant, Wheelchair  etc.

Lesser Known Facts about Indigo

When it comes to Indian Airlines, IndiGo Airlines tops the list. A number of amazing facts about IndiGo Airlines are there which the frequent travelers may not be aware of. Hence here we are discussing the little unknown and interesting points regarding the airlines.

  • IndiGo owns The Largest Fleet Sizes in India. When it comes to largest fleet in India, IndiGo Airlines has a fleet size of 130 aircraft which considered as largest in India.
  • IndiGo Airline Company has a net income of more than $50 million (United States Dollars) in the struggling aviation market of India which is quite amazing for a low budget airline.
  • Within a short period of time, Indio beat Jet Airways which was the No. 1 airline in India with a market share of 27%.
  • Company has marvelous On-time performance, the airline is also known for its divine on-time performance which is 94.3%.
  • Indigo operates more than 600 Flights daily to more than 38 destinations in India and abroad.
  • In 2014, IndiGo agreed to buy 250 brand new A320neo aircraft worth US$25.7 billion. This order marks as the Airbus’s single largest order by a number of aircraft in its history.

Which documents do I need to carry for my flight?

travel docs

Travel docs required for flight:- Travel Documents are most important thing to remember while traveling.


Travel docs for Adult: A Valid Identity proof, in original (Passport/ Driving License/Voter’s Id Card/Pan Card/Photo Id card issued by employer/Adhar Card)

Travel docs for Children: School Identification card or any other photo ID.

For Infants: Valid Birth Certificate is required.


Your passport is the only valid photo ID proof. However, I have a pro tip for all the travelers. I am sharing this from my personal travel experiences.

Always carry your drivers license while traveling.

Most often you need a local license to legally drive anyways, but at least if you’re pulled over on a scooter you can show them something that might confuse them enough to let you go. Also, I’ve been guided by my friends living in different locations that you can use your license for multiple purpose.

Apart from this, If you’re in college, it doesn’t hurt to take a student ID. You can get discounts at museums and attractions or even movie tickets.

Finally, a pro tip for international travelers.

Always write down your debit card numbers in case your card is stolen. You can also photo copy them. It’s difficult to get a new card sent out and what your find is easier in case of a lost card is:

  • Using those numbers to book as much as you can online.
  • You can send Western Union money to yourself when you need cash.

Do I need to take Boarding Pass print out post web check-in?

e-boarding pass

Boarding pass terms and conditions for web check in

There are no hidden terms and conditions for boarding pass and id proofs if you are using web check in service. All the boarding pass terms and conditions for this service is clear and simple for all domestic and international travelers. It is not necessary for passengers to carry a print of the boarding pass while check-in at airport if they have already done web check in. Although it is recommended to take a print to avoid the long queue at the counter there saving your time and ensuring a hassle free travel 🙂 boarding pass can also be issued from the counter or Kiosk at the airport.

Pro tip: You have the option of printing your boarding pass but you can also screenshot it for an easy and quick access.

However, Immigration check is mandatory for all passengers, Indians or foreigners, both at the time of arrival and departure to and from a foreign destination.

For further details on immigration requirements, please visit

Boarding pass contains a lot of traveler information. I will always suggest you to destroy the boarding pass after traveling. This is because the two-dimensional bar-codes and QR codes can hold a great deal of information. The codes printed on your airline boarding passes may allow someone to discover more about you, your upcoming travel plans, and your frequent flyer account information.

There are websites which can easily read the bar-codes and decode information in fraction of seconds. So be careful with your boarding pass. People often share their boarding pass images on social media which is not a good thing to do. It is not safe to share your personal information on social platforms. If you really want to share it then always hide the bar-code. It is also good to use shredder for used boarding pass instead of throwing it in dustbins. The next time you travel, make sure to keep your boarding pass safe and destroy it to avoid such problems.

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