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India tops domestic air traffic growth in June: IATA

2017 is marked as one of the best year for aviation industry. In this year Indian domestic air traffic get a record growth of 20.3% till the month of June. It’s not an individual survey, but it’s the report of global airline’s body IATA.

As per the governing body “The International Air Transport Association (IATA), India topping the growth chart in the 2017 till its first half. India achieved some magical numbers this year. As per the market standards, Indian domestic air traffic got a decent growth of 20.3%. This number is not an easy task to achieve for any industry. Getting this kind of growth shows that India is growing so fast in aviation industry.

Demonetization Effects

“Domestic India RPKs grew by 18.6 percent in year-on- year terms in H1 2017, with annual RPK posting its 34th consecutive month of double-digit growth in June,” IATA said on Thursday. There’s something special about this growth. India successfully completed “Demonetization” in November 2016. It was very tough for every sector and every market. Even after having so much difficulties, aviation industry registered this much growth.

Demonetization affected every industry. It turned down the pace of every public and private sector. Even after so many odds, Indian domestic air traffic got a fabulous growth. As per the recent report of worldbank, Demonetization has potential to bring positive transformation to India’s economy. The growth in demand for cabin crew jobs will be more than double with the current 11,000 cabin crew positions to grow to 26,325 in a decade.

As for maintenance engineers, there will be 34,972 posts, up from the current 14,220. It is amazing to see that aviation industry is going to create these many job opportunities for people. Even after facing the odd times, people are going to get something from aviation industry.


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