indigo check in closure timing
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The fear of missing flight is worst to experience for everyone. Highly populated cities with extensive traffic can be the biggest problem to reach airport on scheduled timing. Given below is the information for indigo check in closure timing which will help travelers to check in on time.

Indigo Check In Closure Timing for gate

A Passenger traveling on domestic and International flight need to complete their all the airport formalities including the baggage check-in as per the following timing:

Domestic Gate Closing Time:  45 minutes prior to the scheduled departure time.

International Gate Closing Time:  75 minutes prior to the scheduled departure time.

However, we recommend you to reach the airport before the scheduled departure time as per the mentioned time on your booking ticket.

Hassle free travel is what a passenger need. If you want to travel hassle free then it is recommended to get to the airport on time. You can reach at least an hour before the recommended minimum check-in time. Every airline company have their own rules and regulations when it comes to check in closer timings.  It is recommended to check with your airline for recommended minimum check-in times. This can be as little as 20-45 minutes for domestic flights from small airports. If you are having small luggage or hand luggage only. And it could be 3 hours for an international flight to or from the United States or Israel where the security theater can be extensive and time consuming for travelers.

Depending on your mode of transport to the airport and the distances involved you should add another hour of buffer on top of that. This extra hour will also give you a buffer for delays on the way to the airport.

Use this information for all your future travels to have a hassle free journey. Also check the information about web check in to save your time.


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