indigo Web Check In FAQ
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Indigo Web Check In FAQ

Given below are few common Indigo Web Check In FAQ. This is a compressed list of questions from flyers.

How to do Indigo Web Check In?

Using web check in service is not difficult. It is same for all domestic and international travelers. You can use the service by following simple steps. Here are the steps for Indigo Web Check In

What If my booking details are not matching with my ID proof documents?

Passengers will not be able to board the flight if the booking details are not matching with represented ID proofs. Make sure that your identity card details will match with booking details.

How much free luggage can I carry with me in flight?

Baggage allowance for domestic and international travel is different. You can check the baggage details by visiting Indigo Domestic Baggage Allowance page.

What happen if my flight is delay?

At the time of making booking, if you have provided the active phone number then you will get notification from Indigo Staff. They will send your flight details through SMS. In case of any delay or emergency, Indigo will notify you in advance.

Where can I share my services feedback?

In case of any feedback or suggestion, you can directly contact customer relationship department. You can write to them at

These are basic questions from indigo customers. You may check more details by going to Indigo FAQ page. You can find more details over there. However, if you have any feedback or suggestion for us (Webcheckin Team) then please let us know. You can write to us anytime at we love to hear from people so that we can provide right information to everyone. Please don’t hesitate in sharing. We are always open for suggestion and feedback.


  1. what to do after web check-in,i got my boarding pass through web check-in now where i have to drop my check-in baggage and from where i will get those tags to put on my baggage.

    • Hi Akash,

      Once you are checked in and got your boarding pass, you can proceed to the baggage area and handover the baggage and continue towards your flight. At the time of check-in, the passenger hands over baggage which is checked by the airport security and sealed. However, since April-1-2017 tags for handbags are not necessary.

      Team Webcheckins

  2. Whom so ever it May concern
    Greeting ,
    I have read in local news papper named danikjagran edition date not remember, the news mentioned the passanger travelling to Bangkok with indigo Airlines, therefore Airlines provide free visa to passanger, if there so the message is right so please kindly provide date and other detail. We are two passanger want to travel Bangkok ,05/01/2019
    Kind regard


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