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Jet Airways tie up with Air France KLM

Every airline company is planning to cash coming year 2018. Recently Indigo and Spicjet completed their deals to boost their business. Now it’s Jet Airways. India’s one of the airline giant Jet Airways recently announced an agreement with Air France-KLM on India-Europe routes, providing a boost to its overseas operations.

After announcing this agreement Mr. Naresh Goyal (An Indian businessman and founder Chairman of Jet Airways) said this deal will the milestone for coming year 2018. It will help Jet Airways to improve its services and cost structure.  As per Air France-KLM’s statement on a TV News channel, “We have signed an MoU (Memorandum of Understanding) to be able to carry goods between India & Europe. 106 European, 40 Indian and over 200 North American destinations to come under the agreement,”

In July 2017, it was the second-largest airline in India after IndiGo with an 18.2% passenger market share. To sustain the growth of company, Jet Airways is focusing on budget planning by adding cost effective strategies. New services and new strategies will bring some change in growth numbers in coming year 2018.

The biggest competitor of Jet Airways is also coming up with New Year 2018 plans. From January 01, 2018, IndiGo will operate new flights. These new flights are designed the way that they can serve business and leisure travelers.  Also Spicejet is planning to buy over 100 amphibian planes. SpiceJet is in talks with Japan’s Setouchi Holdings Inc. to make this deal to increase remote area connectivity in India. The estimated cost of this deal is approx $400 Million. SpiceJet chief Ajay Singh aiming to boos the domestic regional operations by this move.

New Year 2018

It seems that year 2018 is going to be a great year for Indian Domestic Air travelers. People are going to receive few good services from different airline companies. Being a traveler, I am very excited. Now I can plan few more trips for myself.


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