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Compensation for denied boarding the flight


Compensation for denied boarding the flight

In 2010, there was a petition filed by a traveler & he questioned a Civil Aviation Regulation issued by Directorate general of Civial Aviation India. Petitioner questioned the compensation for denied boarding. As per the petitioner, the CAR (Civil Aviation Regulation) enables the airline companies to make extra bookings for flights. Because of this sometimes, not every passenger get to board the flight for which he has paid. Airline companies are denying boarding the flights because of over bookings.

The petitioner gave reference of the incident happened to him back in 2005 in court. The man had claimed that he made a booking with Air India airlines for a round trip. His flight was scheduled from Delhi to Patna on December 12, 2005. Because of nature of trip, he has to return on the next day. He booked tickets with Air India in advance on October 28, 2015. But when he reached the airport to catch his flight, he was denied to board the flight because of overbooking.

DGCA Action

However, the DGCA counsel cleared the passenger that he has misread the CAR. Counsel make the person understand that DGCA does not allow such practice. DGCA said it had issued the rules to ensure that the passengers, who are denied boarding, are paid immediate compensation and necessary arrangements for their travel are made by the concerned airline.

After hearing the statements made by the DGCA and Air India, the court said that an aggrieved passenger who has been denied boarding due to overbooking could go to a civil and consumer court, to claim damages, in addition to those minimum damages prescribed under the DGCA regulations.

Directorate general of Civial Aviation India officially announced airlines companies are liable to pay passengers for denying boarding the airlines. Being a traveler, I believe that this practice can also help in decreasing the number of over bookings.  After noting the unequivocal stand of the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) and Air India, Justice Vibhu Bakhru said it was not necessary to examine the question whether the aviation regulator had the jurisdiction to issue the Civil Aviation Regulations (CAR) in this regard.

Compensation Rules

To reduce the possibility of flight departing with empty seats, airlines generally overbook flights to a limited extent. In case of overbooking on a particular flight, there may be circumstances on a particular day when more passengers report for the flight than the number of seats available. Under such conditions, airline may deny boarding to you while you may be holding confirmed bookings for travel on the flight and reported for the flight well within the specified time ahead of the departure of the flight.


Check out Civil Aviation Requirements to know the defined benefits in Series M for passengers. People can check the entire information related to all their compensation queries. Hope this will help you to understand more about DGCA compensation rules and regulations. In case of any feedback or suggestion please write to us. You can write to here.

The rise in fuel prices will require airlines to readjust to newer costs

fuel prices

The rise in fuel prices will require airlines to readjust to newer costs

In the year 2017, airline companies made lot of profit with low fuel prices and huge traffic. But things are going to be little change this year. As per the report of BT (Business Today), Fuel prices are going to rise a bit in the year 2018. Being a traveler, I have witnessed so many promotional offers with low fares in the year 2017. It was possible because companies were making profits by purchasing aviation fuel at lower rates. They were able to afford lower ticket prices because of low investment in aviation fuel. In the year 2017, airline companies managed to create huge growth in number of airline passenger. Although there were few controversies with airline companies such as Indigo but it was a good year for airline industry.

Domestic Growth

India is growing so fast in airline travel. Indian domestic airline traffic got a huge passenger growth in recent years. Every Indian domestic airline company is growing because of this. After seeing the growth in airline traffic, Indian Government also took initiative to provide better services for travelers. Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi merged his program “Make In India” with “UDAN”. UDAN is a regional airport development and “Regional Connectivity Scheme (RCS)” of the Government of India with the goal of “Let the common citizen of the country fly“. It aimed at making air travel affordable and widespread. Also it is going to enable inclusive job growth and infrastructure development of all regions and states of India. It has basically two components. First is development and operationalization of 100 regional airports with regular scheduled flights by 2018-2019. For which initial funding of INR4500 crores was approved for the redevelopment of 50 airports in May 2017.

Year 2018

Year 2018 is going to be an exciting year for airline companies. Looking at the current scenario, development of airport infrastructure and fostering a healthy competitive industry landscape are the two areas that present significant opportunity for Indian aviation. The right policy frameworks and stewardship in these two areas will propel aviation as a real force for India’s economic growth and development – opening new avenues for tourism, trade and investment, and ultimately benefiting Indian consumers.

Hand bag tags not required for domestic flyers

Hand Bag

Hand bag tags not required for domestic flyers

Carrying Hand bag was a burden on domestic traveler in past. But now travelers are going to get some relief with a new stamp free hand baggage initiative of CISF (Central Industrial Security Force). Since April 1st 2017, Central Industrial Security Force had first initiated this new system at seven airports of Delhi, Mumbai, Cochin, Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Kolkata and Ahmedabad. Domestic travelers will be able to get some relief while carrying their baggage.

The old stamping process of hand baggage was little uncomfortable and lengthy for both travelers and security staff. Customer experience was not up to the mark because of this. Authorities were getting continuous complaints because of this. Tagging & stamping hand baggage consume time. If it is not done correctly, then security staff will ask the customer to go back and get it done again which make a passenger irate and bring down the customer experience with airlines.

CISF Director General O P Singh took a very bold step to smoothen the process.  The Central Industrial Security Force had first initiated this new system at seven airports of Delhi, Mumbai, Cochin, Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Kolkata and Ahmedabad from April 1 2017.

However, the new protocols are only for domestic travelers. Passengers who are travelling to international destinations will have to get their hand baggage tags stamped as usual.

Being a traveler, it is a big relief for me. I believe this is one of the good initiatives by CISF. Please let us know if you also think so. You can also share if you have any past experience related to hand baggage tagging and stamping process. We love to hear real-time experiences from different domestic and international travelers around the world.

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GoIndigo is going to add new ATR Planes to it’s fleet in 2018


GoIndigo is going to add new ATR Planes to it’s fleet in 2018

Goindigo is one of the industry giant when it comes to airline services. In 2017, Goindigo signed a term sheet of 50 of 70-seater planes. It seems that Indigo is all set and charge up for 2018. It is because of the increasing population of domestic travelers. India is going to be a very big market for airline companies by 2020. “India’s rapidly expanding domestic market represented close to 100 million passengers last year, and has been steadily growing by more than 20% annually. As the country is expecting to become the world’s third-largest market by 2020, we are proud of playing a key role such an expansion of air connectivity,” said Christian Scherer, ATR’s Chief Executive Officer.”

Every airline is aiming to attract customers by their attractive plans, offers and services. Indigo is a company led by an Indian who understand the situations and have a master plan. Indigo holds a big market share in aviation industry and they understand the need of Indian domestic passengers. Adding more planes into their fleet is surely a good step towards customer acquisition. Every passenger wants an available flight instead of “No shows”. By the end of 2017, every airline started working on their strategies of 2018.

Being a traveler I prefer flights on time instead of heavy discounted ticket in my hand with a delayed flight or service problems. GoIndigo signed a term sheet for 50 of the 70-seater planes. It will take 21 of the planes until December 2018. People are going to get better services in the year 2018.

If you think it’s a good news for all the travelers and do let us know by sharing your thoughts comment section. You can also contact us directly. Please click here to contact us.

Airline contact information

airline contact

Airline contact information

Digital communication is best and easy way to establish contact between two people. It is easy and very much effective when it comes to airline contact. Every airline company is responsive to all the social media queries and complaint. We have seen a lot of examples in past in which people shared their feedback, suggestions & complaint over social media and get a response from companies. Some of the social media stories went viral on different social media platforms.

Airline companies are very much concern about this and they took every query, feedback and suggestion very seriously. Apart from their different communication channels, they are working to make the online communication smoother for their customers. Being a traveler, I would say it is much easier now to share our views, complaint, queries, feedback and suggestion directly with companies.

If passengers want to contact airline companies then they can go ahead and use given below information. Given below are twitter handles for few famous Indian Airline Companies.

GoIndigo Twitter Handle
Contact Number: 09212783838

AirAsia Twitter Handle
Contact Number: 080 4666 2222

Spicejet Twitter Handle
Contact Number: 096540 03333

Air India Twitter Handle
Contact Number: 1800 180 1407

Jet Airways Twitter Handle
Contact Number: 08039243333

Vistara Airlines Twitter Handle
Contact Number: +91 928 922 8888 or +91 9958962222

However, It’s always to have airline contact information with you. You never know when you need them while traveling. Now days it’s very helpful for Passengers to have such information. Customers are just a tweet away from the airline companies. You can get instant response to your queries. For a traveler nothing is better than an instant help when required.

Also, I hope this information will help you in your future travels. You can save the information or share it with others to make their journey better. You can also share your experience with us. If you have any incident of online communication which you like to share with us then do write to us.