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Senior Citizen Discount Offers

From my past experiences, I believe that air travel is more common, easier and affordable than ever before for senior citizen. There are a lot of airline companies available. Most of them are providing best services for all senior citizens. Here I would like to mention “The Indian Airlines” company. It provides a rebate on normal economy class fare airline tickets for all the senior citizens. Please know that company consider people who have attained the age of 65 as senior citizens. Other airline companies also offer similar offers and discounts to the senior citizens. These offers allow the elderly passengers to afford to travel the same way as they did while they were working.

Also, the tickets can be book through the particular airline website. Airline companies allow senior citizens on wheelchairs to board the plane first. Most of all, the company escort senior citizens who are visually impaired throughout their journey. They make sure the passenger don’t face any problem.

Hence, Air India also provides discounts to all senior citizens who are 65 years of age and over. They provide this offer on all types of journeys in economy class. But this offer is applicable only in domestic sectors. To avail these discounts and rebates, senior citizens have to show proof of their age at the time of booking.

Senior Citizen Concession

Every airline company has different concession offers for different categories. Senior citizen concession is available in most of the airline companies. I am going to share some good information for all the senior citizens. As everyone is aware that every offer has some terms and conditions. Given below are the complete details from eligibility criteria to offer details.

What are the eligibility criteria?

Well, there are certain eligibility criteria for availing this offer. Given below are the eligibility criteria for all senior citizens.

  1. Person should have Indian nationality.
  2. Person should be a permanent resident of India
  3. He\She should be 60 years of age on the date of commencement of journey.

What are the documents required at the time of applying for the offer?

In order to complete the documentation, I would suggest you to carry your Aadhar card with all documents.

However, any valid Photo ID with date of birth will work. In conclusion, you can carry your voter’s ID card, Passport, Driving license, senior citizens ID card issued by Air India.

How much discount will you get?

Probably, in this senior citizen offer you will get 50% of Basic fare on selected booking classes in Economy cabin.

Where can a person travel with this offer?

Probably, you can travel any sector within India. You can choose any location of your choice. Please remember that you can avail this offer in India. This offer is not applicable if you are going outside India.

What is the ticket Validity?

Ticket validity in this offer is 1 Year from date of issue.

Do I need to purchase in advance?

You are not required to purchase in advance.  You can purchase the tickets any time.

What about the children?

Unfortunately, there is No discount applies.

What is with the Date/Flight change, Cancellation & Refund?

Airline companies allow the changes but permitted fee applies accordingly.

So, I hope you all will like the information. Go ahead and avail the discount for you and your loved ones.


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