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Travel Tips
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Travel Tips for Air Travel You May Have Never Thought About

Traveling is not just my passion; it’s the ultimate fun for me. I love traveling more than anything else. Being a travel advisor, I am going to share few travel tips for air travel you may have never thought about. There are few people who are not frequent travelers. They face a lot of problem while roaming around the airport with no clue in the world.  Also, they spent a lot of money in purchasing overprices stuff like water bottles and snacks.

However, you can use few travel tips to avoid above mentioned problems.

Here are a few Air Travel Trips that you can use at the airport. You can save your time, efforts and money when you visit the airport the next time.

1. I would like to tell you that you cannot carry the water bottles after the security check. Because of this, you either have to buy expensive water bottles or go to water dispensers again and again as you wait for the boarding announcement. In order to save yourself from this, carry an empty water bottle with you. Once you are done with the security check, you can fill it once and sip from it whenever you want. Drop the bottle in the bin once you are about to board.

2. Getting a seat according to personal choice is dream of every traveler. If you want to get more comfortable seats without having to pay more, arrive at the airport just half an hour before the check-in ends. Make sure that you don’t miss your flight. You can simply reach at the counter and ask for the better seats. Apart from this, you can also try to reach airport an hour before the check-in starts and can opt for the best seats available.

3. Apart from water, snacks and light food is also dig a hole in your pocket. In order to avoid paying for the overpriced food items, bring your own snacks from home. A pack of light snacks or cookies can easily fit in your carry bag. It would really help you to kill your hunger while waiting for the announcement.

Few Suggestions

1. This is one of the most logical tricks so far. In order to avoid waiting in long immigration queues, play a psychological trick and head to the farthest left counter. The trick here is that majority of people are right-handed, which would make them head to their right side for standing in queues. You can head to the left ones so that there are a fewer people there, probably the ones who know this trick. You can try this on your own and see the difference.

2. This is not exactly a trick but a suggestion. I would recommend you to not to switch between your airlines. If you will be a loyal customer to an airline, you might get some benefits like seat upgrades, virtual points (Currency), priority boarding and access to business lounges.

3. Having Free internet access is so much fun while traveling. We all know that most airports today offer free Wi-Fi, and you can surf the internet for free while you are waiting for your flight to be ready. People, who don’t have free Wi-Fi, then can try to sit near the telecom counters while waiting.

4. Last but not the least, you know there’s a weight limit for all hand bags. You can only carry a limited sized bag with you and can’t fit clothes in it. Here is a tip, you can wear as many as clothes during the check in and once you board the flight take them off and put it back in bag.


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