web check in benefits
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Web check in benefits

Web check in is a service which can help a traveler in many ways. It can be beneficial for frequent travelers. People who visit occasionally can also avail the service and add value to their traveling experience. I would like to share few web check in benefits which I have observed and availed in last few years of my travel.

Given below are few web check in benefits.

  1. You don’t have to wait in the line at the check-in counter of the airline
  2. You should be able to choose a seat online and not worry about seat preference
  3. Pre-book meals/special services
  4. Don’t worry about the denial of check-in if you reach after the 45 minute window of check-in
  5. It ensures that your seat is held for you even if you arrive a bit late for check in. If you don’t check in online and are late for check in, the airline might give away your seat.
  6. Shorter queues in most airports where they have separate counters for web check in.

And the best feature of this service which I like the most is Web check in allows you to have your boarding pass sent to your phone so you can skip the kiosk. It still saves time even if you have to check a bag. Isn’t it amazing service? Yes it is so go ahead and read more about it here. Mentioned above are some reasons you should consider checking in online before you travel. Benefits depend, of course, on the airline but have a huge impact on your travel experience.

Some airlines insist you use web check-in otherwise you are charged a fee to do it at the airport. This fee can be expensive. But all it depends on different airline companies that how they treat their passengers.


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