Indigo Airlines Boarding Pass
Indigo Airlines Boarding Pass
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Here is what you can do if you don’t find Gate number mentioned on your Indigo Airlines Boarding Pass

People use airline travel to save their time and experience a memorable journey. At airports, everyone likes to get into the aircraft as soon as possible because waiting is too boring for everyone. But what if you don’t know where to go when you reach airport? When you see at your boarding pass and you didn’t find the gate number. This commonly happens with people who use Web Check In with IndiGo airlines. You might not see your gate number mentioned on Indigo Airlines boarding pass.

Gate numbers are provided only a few hours before the arrival or departure of a flight as this depends on the Parking Bay number allotted by the Apron department of the airport. It is common that Indigo airlines boarding pass doesn’t have your gate number printed. First thing you don’t need to feel lost in this situation. Calm yourself down and follow given below information to solve this problem.

Check FIDS (Flight Information Display System): These are the monitors available at every airport that shows the status, time and gate numbers for the flights of every airline carrier present at that particular airport. You can simply have a look on the board and get the information which you are looking for.

Visit Check-in Counter: You can simply visit the check-in counter and ask customer service representative about your gate number.

Tip:- Being a traveler, I have some tip for you in this situation. If you have some time available with you then you can get a fresh boarding pass from a self-check-in kiosk.  You put the information required and get a boarding pass printed just before your flight and I am sure you will get the gate information in your fresh boarding pass.

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