air travel facts and myths
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Air travel facts and myths: Truth behind hoax

There are a lot of Air travel facts and myths. People believe the hoax instead of finding truth behind it. Today we are going to talk about few Air travel facts and myths and try to uncover the truth behind internet hoaxes.

Air travel facts and myths # 1 you should always keep your phone switched off during take off

Hoax: It may disturb the plane’s navigation and cause problem during landing and takeoff.

Truth: Keeping your cell phone on during takeoff and landing will not cause any physical problem to traveler. No radiation level is going to be increase or interfere with the plane’s navigation. The real reason behind asking travelers to do that is to make them listen to the plane announcements. Travelers are asked to turn off your devices is that they should be paying attention during takeoff and landing to the safety speech and in case anything should go wrong that requires your action.

Air travel facts and myths # 2 Cabin air makes people sick

Hoax: Cabin Air makes people sick. People are fall ill mid-air because of bad quality oxygen.

Truth: The cabin air is changed once every three minutes, with ’60 percent recycled through hospital grade filters that remove 95 percent of bacteria, and 40 percent dedicated to cooling the computers and cargo holds. Cabin air is safe to consume. None gets sick of inhaling cabin air.

Air travel facts and myths # 3 Traveling with a baby in your lap is safer for baby

Hoax: It’s better for baby to sit in mother/father lap while traveling via airlines.

Truth: Airline staff will never recommend you to keep your baby in your lap. It’s extremely dangerous. If there’s any impact or deceleration, there’s a good chance that you might lose grip from your kid. Unwillingly you might hurt or injure your kid in this situation.

Air Travel Misconception # 4 Small Planes are more dangerous than big airline carriers

It is completely true. When it comes to security, propeller planes have maintained a good standard in industry. Propeller plane pilots are skilled and frequent in flying and have better understanding of emergency situations.


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