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Air India

air-india-carriers-logo-maharaja Jehangir Ratanji Dadabhoy Tata (J.R.D.Tata) founded Air India in 1932. It was renamed to Tata Airlines later. He flew its first single-engine DE Havilland Puss Moth carrying mail from Karachi to Bombay and later continuing to madras.

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Air India used to be the ultimate epitome of luxury air travel. In 1967 they even commissioned the world famous surrealist artist Salvador Dali to design a ashtray for them. Last year the company has broken the record of flying. A non stop flight for 17 hours and this year it has set a new record for the first round the world flight staffed entirely by women. It scripted the history just ahead of International women’s day. In1953, India nationalized all Indian airlines creating two corporations one for domestic service which was called Indian Airlines Corporation (merging Air-India Limited with six lesser lines) and one for international service, Air-India International Corporation. The latter’s name was abbreviated to Air-India in 1962.

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