I have requested for Wheelchair assistance, can I check-in online

wheelchair assistance

If you have requested for Wheelchair assistance, then you can not check in online. Passengers with specific requirements may check-in online, but Airasia recommend to check-in at the airport. It’s because they may help accommodate passengers specific needs.

Passengers may pre-book Special Assistance (Wheelchair Service) at the time of booking or via Manage My Booking at least 4 hours before the scheduled flight departure time.  Please note that failure to notify Airasia may result in wheelchair service unavailable upon your arrival at the airport. For health and safety reasons, passengers on wheelchairs must check-in at the airport.

Guest may pre-book and pay for a wheelchair under Manage My Booking more than 4 hours from STD. Click on “Add-on” and choose “Wheelchair Service”.


To proceed with wheelchair service pre-book, select YES under flight selection page. Wheelchair service will be available under Add-on product, Traveler details page

Wheelchair Assistance:

At Airasia, flights to/from US, they may have to load your wheelchair in the aircraft hold if there are more than one wheelchair on the cabin to be stored which will be returned to you upon arrival.

We strongly encourage you to check in your wheelchair and use the one provided by us as some countries have strict health and safety regulations that do not allow staff to lift heavy items. Please refer here for our guide to pre-book Special Needs.

In case of any update in service or prices, we will advise you to please check the official site of airlines. However, you can share your feedback or suggestion regarding this information to us directly. You can reach us at [email protected] anytime. We love to hear from people. Do not hesitate in contacting. We strongly believe in sharing right information. It can only be possible if we are getting feedback and suggestions.

Flying with Kids

flying with kids

Flying with Kids in Airasia airlines

Flying with kids is altogether a different travel for people. Kids means responsibility for travelers and extra rules and regulations for Airline companies. When it comes to child, every airline company have different rules and regulations for online check-in

Most commonly asked question by people is Airline rules and regulations for flying with kids and when it comes to “Web Check-In” it is our responsibility to share complete information with you all so that you could travel hassle free.

Web Check In is one of the service which people are using to save their time but travelers are not aware about complete rules and regulations of the service. Well, I would like to inform you that unfortunately, a child cannot be added to an existing online check-in. You will need to do the check-in separately. This is applicable for all individual carrying their separate PNR number.

Multiple passengers web check-in with AirAsia

multiple passengers web check in

Multiple passengers web check in

Multiple passengers web check in is provided by every Airline company. This service is available for every passenger but company has some rules and regulations. Multiple passengers web check creates one common query for everyone.

“How many passengers can web check-in while using AirAisa Airline services?”

The answer is, AirAsia allows a group booking with up-to 50 passengers to do Web Check-in at the same time. It means if you are a group of travelers who want to do web check in at the same time in AirAsia, then you can go ahead and use the service.

How many guests can I include in a single booking?

You may have up to 9 guests in a single booking. To book additional guests, please repeat the process to create a separate booking.

For more information on group booking process and making payment, please contact AirAsia Group Booking sales officers at +603 8660 4399 / 9775 4399 for AirAsia Flights or +603 7841 1818 for AirAsia X Flights. You will need to specify flight number and departure dates when contacting our Group Booking agents.

Do note that currently Group Booking sales officers are only servicing English-speaking customers.

Travel Insurance for Group Booking
1. How do I purchase travel insurance for my Group Booking?
Contact AirAsia Group Booking agents at +603 8660 4399 / 9775 4399 for AirAsia Flights or +603 2787 0101 for AirAsia X Flights and specify your flight number and departure dates.

For more information on contacting Group Booking agents, booking process and make a payment passengers can visit group bookings page https://www.airasia.com/my/en/book-with-us/group-bookings.page

2. How to print my Certificate of Insurance?
If you need to download your Certificate of Insurance, please visit tuneprotect.com/airasia, select your departure country and navigate to the “Policy Search” section.

3. How can I add travel insurance for selected passengers in my group booking?
You will need to contact AirAsia Group Booking agents at +603 8660 4399 / 9775 4399 for AirAsia Flights or +603 2787 0101 for AirAsia X Flights in order to split your booking and to purchase your travel insurance.

How to do Air Asia Web Check-in

airasia web check in
airasia web check in

Here’s How to do Air Asia Web Check-in

If you have no time for standing in a long queue for hours. You can do Airasia Web Check In through your laptop, Mobile or your office system 14 days up to 1 hour before
departure for Air Asia (AK, QZ, FD, PQ Z2, I5) Flights and up to 4 hours for Air Asia X
(D7, XJ, XT) Flights.

Follow given below simple steps for doing Airasia web check in for all passengers.

  • Visit https://checkin.airasia.com/
  • Enter your travel details i.e., Departure city, Booking Reference number (PNR
  • number), Family name/ surname and then click on Check-in
  • Select your seat as per your choice and then reserve it.
  • Click ‘continue’ to proceed and then select the option to save or reprint boarding
  • Read the following Important Notice thoroughly. Once done, check the box and then
    click ‘Complete check-in’ process.

At the end, the system prompts to remind you to carry your the documents.

Airasia web check in

This is the best option to getting all your things organized earlier, as you can check-in as early as 14 days before your departure date. But don’t get confused in between Web check in and Self Check in both are different services from each other.

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