Interglobe Aviation Ltd is the parent company of Indigo airlines. It is well-known for its low-cost airline segment. Indigo has it’s headquarter at Gurugram (formerly Gurgaon), Haryana, India. It is one of the biggest airline in India by passengers carried and fleet size. It has 38% market percentage as of august 2017. The company is also the largest individual Asian low-cost carrier in terms of jet fleet size and passengers carried. It is also the 7th largest carrier in Asia with over 41 million passengers carried in 2016. The airline operates to 48 destinations both domestic and international. It has its primary hub at Indira Gandhi International Airport, New Delhi India. Indigo airline founded by Mr. Rahul Bhatia and Rakesh Gangwal who is a USA based India, as a private company in 2006. It took delivery of its first aircraft in July 2006 and commenced operations a month later. The airline became the largest Indian carrier in passenger market share in 2012. The company went public in November 2015.

Indigo is going to start non-stop flights between Surat to Mumbai

Non-stop flights between Surat to Mumbai

Non-stop flights between Surat to Mumbai

Mumbai and Surat are two neighborhood states where people travel a lot. These destinations have huge passenger traffic on daily basis. Surat is called the Diamond hub of Gujarat and Mumbai’s Zaveri Bazar is a jewelry market and a major hub for B2B jewelry. These two destinations have good business relationships. People of Gujarat and Mumbai are going to get some special relief in their safety travels. It’s because Indian’s budget airlines IndiGo, is going to launch non-stop flights between Surat to Mumbai very soon.

Indigo is continuously expanding and Surat will be its 56th destination. As per the sources, non-stop flights between Surat to Mumbai are going to start from August-16-2018. The best part about these flights is the fares of tickets. It is said that the ticket fares starts from INR1999. IndiGo is not the first in the list who is going to start non-stop flights between Surat to Mumbai. The daily Surat-Mumbai flight is in afternoon. Another budget airline AirAsia had already started non-stop flights between Surat to Mumbai.

The new flights are designed to cater to business and leisure travellers who are constantly on the lookout for new and affordable flying options. Customers who wish to plan their travel can book tickets via Indigo’s official website The introduction of these flights will further strengthen the airline’s operations, and will provide connectivity between Surat and other key cities with all-inclusive fares starting from INR 1999.

Given below is the press release of Indigo

For more information please check the official Indigo Press Release page here. If you are living in Surat or Mumbai and you have any feedback or suggestion for this news then please comment below. Also share the information with your fellow travelers.

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What should I do if GATE number is not mentioned on Indigo airlines boarding pass

Indigo Airlines Boarding Pass
Indigo Airlines Boarding Pass

Here is what you can do if you don’t find Gate number mentioned on your Indigo Airlines Boarding Pass

People use airline travel to save their time and experience a memorable journey. At airports, everyone likes to get into the aircraft as soon as possible because waiting is too boring for everyone. But what if you don’t know where to go when you reach airport? When you see at your boarding pass and you didn’t find the gate number. This commonly happens with people who use Web Check In with IndiGo airlines. You might not see your gate number mentioned on Indigo Airlines boarding pass.

Gate numbers are provided only a few hours before the arrival or departure of a flight as this depends on the Parking Bay number allotted by the Apron department of the airport. It is common that Indigo airlines boarding pass doesn’t have your gate number printed. First thing you don’t need to feel lost in this situation. Calm yourself down and follow given below information to solve this problem.

Check FIDS (Flight Information Display System): These are the monitors available at every airport that shows the status, time and gate numbers for the flights of every airline carrier present at that particular airport. You can simply have a look on the board and get the information which you are looking for.

Visit Check-in Counter: You can simply visit the check-in counter and ask customer service representative about your gate number.

Tip:- Being a traveler, I have some tip for you in this situation. If you have some time available with you then you can get a fresh boarding pass from a self-check-in kiosk.  You put the information required and get a boarding pass printed just before your flight and I am sure you will get the gate information in your fresh boarding pass.

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IndiGo announces 20 new flights from July

IndiGo announces 20 new flights

IndiGo announces 20 new flights from July

Summer holidays brings a lot of opportunities for aviation industry to attract as much as people. Every company launches lucrative offers to get as much as people onboard so that they could get more revenue. None wants to miss the opportunity to cash the holiday season. There’s a big news for all the Indian travelers from India’s best low budget airline company Indigo. Recently IndiGo announces 20 new flights from July.Company is continuously working on good connectivity so that Indigo passengers would not face problems while traveling. Indigo is providing better routes and flight options to its customers.

Indigo is going to launch a daily flight between Indore and Nagpur. Along with that, Indian domestic passengers will also see a non-stop flight between Chandigarh and Srinagar very soon. This July 2018 will bring few more routes and flying options for all the domestic passengers. From July 1, IndiGo will operate a second daily flight between Bengaluru and Varanasi, Bengaluru and Chandigarh and a third daily flight between Ranchi and Bengaluru, and between Indore and Bengaluru. Indigo will also operate an additional flight between Cochin and Tiruchirappalli and Tiruchirappalli and Bengaluru effective June 28, 2018.

Additionally, effective July 15, 2018 the airline will also introduce its first direct flight between Kolkata-Chandigarh, Kolkata –Indore and a non-stop flight from Chandigarh-Srinagar (return). Along with that another non-stop daily flight between Indore and Nagpur (Return)

Given below is the information of new flights

Flight No. Days of Operation Departure Station Departure Time Arrival Station Arrival Time Effective Date
6E 7163 Daily Kochi 6:30 Tiruchirappalli 7:40 28-Jun-18
6E 7161 Daily Tiruchirappalli 8:00 Bengaluru 9:10 28-Jun-18
6E 7162 Daily Bengaluru 10:15 Tiruchirappalli 11:25 28-Jun-18
6E 7164 Daily Tiruchirappalli 11:45 Kochi 12:50 28-Jun-18
6E 0113 Except Tuesday Bengaluru 5:35 Varanasi 8:00 1-Jul-18
6E 0115 Except Tuesday Varanasi 8:40 Bengaluru 11:10 1-Jul-18
6E 0661 Except Tuesday Bengaluru 11:50 Chandigarh 14:50 1-Jul-18
6E 0662 Except Tuesday Chandigarh 15:20 Bengaluru 18:20 1-Jul-18
6E 0106 Daily Bengaluru 19:20 Ranchi 21:40 1-Jul-18
6E 0108 Daily Ranchi 22:10 Bengaluru 0:30 1-Jul-18
6E 0691 Except Sunday Bengaluru 19:10 Indore 21:05 2-Jul-18
6E 0705 Except Sunday Indore 21:35 Bengaluru 23:30 2-Jul-18
6E 0691 Only Sunday Bengaluru 19:25 Indore 21:20 1-Jul-18
6E 0705 Only Sunday Indore 21:50 Bengaluru 23:45 1-Jul-18
6E 0372 Except Sunday Kolkata 4:50 Chandigarh 7:20 16-Jul-18
6E 0372 Except Sunday Chandigarh 7:50 Srinagar 9:00 16-Jul-18
6E 0376 Except Sunday Srinagar 9:35 Chandigarh 10:50 16-Jul-18
6E 0376 Except Sunday Chandigarh 11:20 Kolkata 13:50 16-Jul-18
6E 0372 Only Sunday Kolkata 4:50 Hyderabad 6:45 15-Jul-18
6E 0376 Only Sunday Hyderabad 11:25 Kolkata 13:40 15-Jul-18
6E 0378 Daily Kolkata 14:20 Indore 16:25 15-Jul-18
6E 0382 Daily Indore 16:55 Nagpur 17:55 15-Jul-18
6E 0388 Daily Nagpur 18:25 Indore 19:20 15-Jul-18
6E 0392 Daily Indore 19:50 Kolkata 22:00 15-Jul-18

Just in the middle of holiday season, Indigo introduced these flights. It is definitely going to impact directly the targeted revenues.

If you are a frequent flier and looking for Indigo Web Check In information, then you can also check Where can I get Indigo Web Check In information? Please comment below if you find this information useful.

Indigo and Air India express ranked top five cheapest airlines in the world

top five cheapest airlines in the world

Indigo and Air India express ranked top five cheapest airlines in the world

Booking a cheap flight ticket is the dream of every traveler. Everyone loves the tips and tricks to book ticket on cheaper prices but there are few airlines which are actually cheaper where you don’t need tricks to get a cheap ticket. You can book your ticket on lower prices by default. There are airlines such as “Indigo” and “Air India Express” which are providing cheaper ticket for travelers. Recently both the airlines Indigo and Air India express ranked top five cheapest airlines in the world in providing international connectivity.

Melbourne-based Rome2rio announced a report of top five cheapest airlines in the world. As per the report, Indian low budget airline Indigo got the fifth place and Air India express secured second place in top five cheapest airlines in the world. Apart from these two Indian airline companies, two more companies got the place in report. Jet airways and Air India got the place in this list. While Air India was able to secure thirteenth position, Jet Airways got twelfth position in the list of top five cheapest airlines in the world. Rome2rio included & compared 200 major airlines across continents by the average price per kilometer with Air Asia X taking the pole position.

Factors considered while preparing the report

Air India Express, mostly connecting Gulf countries and Singapore, has an average cost of USD 0.08 per km and IndiGo USD 0.10 per km. The latter connects Indian cities with Gulf countries besides Bangkok, Colombo and Kathmandu. AirAsia X at the top has an average of USD 0.07 per km. The data was analysed by taking into account the economy class airfares displayed by Rome2rio during the first two months of this year, totalling some 1.5 million price points. The best part about this report is that four out of the top five cheapest airlines are in Asia.

The shocking news about this report is that neither United State airlines nor United Kingdom airlines got any place in this list of top five cheapest airlines in the world. Seem resident of these two countries are spending a lot on their flying budget. If you are an Indian traveler, you might be happy to see the report. You can now choose your airline while making plans for your future travel.

However, if you are still interested in finding cheap tickets then you can check “Tips and tricks for flight tickets and cheap flights”.

IndiGo to fly to Trichy from 1 June

IndiGo to fly

IndiGo to fly to Trichy from 1 June

India’s one of the biggest budget airlines Indigo to fly to tichy from 1 June 2018. This big news came on Monday 02 April 2018. In an official statement Indigo said that it will add Tamil Nadu’s Tiruchirappalli to its domestic routes from 1 June 2018. Tiruchirapalli is the third-largest airport in terms of total passenger traffic next to Chennai and Coimbatore and second largest in terms of International traffic next only to Chennai. The airport covers an area of 702 acres.

Indigo Airline claims that it is going to be the first company to introduce four departures on its inaugural day (June 1) at Tiruchirappalli. IndiGo will also be the only airline to provide same day return facility to its customers on Chennai—Tiruchirappalli—Chennai sector it added. The airline is likely to fly ATR aircraft on the route.

This going to be exciting for all south Indian travelers they will get few extra benefits by this service. If you are living in Tiruchirapalli and have travel plans then you can plan your vacation or travel accordingly. You can use Indigo airlines for your travels.

If you are not a frequent Indigo user then you can also read How to do Indigo Web Check-in to save your time while going through airport security checks. You can save yourself from waiting in long queues at different counters.

However, if you are a frequent traveler then we have a tip for you. Here is how you can pre-order meals in Indigo after web check-in

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