Interglobe Aviation Ltd is the parent company of Indigo airlines. It is well-known for its low-cost airline segment. Indigo has it’s headquarter at Gurugram (formerly Gurgaon), Haryana, India. It is one of the biggest airline in India by passengers carried and fleet size. It has 38% market percentage as of august 2017. The company is also the largest individual Asian low-cost carrier in terms of jet fleet size and passengers carried. It is also the 7th largest carrier in Asia with over 41 million passengers carried in 2016. The airline operates to 48 destinations both domestic and international. It has its primary hub at Indira Gandhi International Airport, New Delhi India. Indigo airline founded by Mr. Rahul Bhatia and Rakesh Gangwal who is a USA based India, as a private company in 2006. It took delivery of its first aircraft in July 2006 and commenced operations a month later. The airline became the largest Indian carrier in passenger market share in 2012. The company went public in November 2015.

Group web check in at indigo airlines

indigo group web check in

Indigo group web check in

Indigo group web check in is as easy as doing normal web check in. Passenger can do group web check in with nine passengers at the same time. I.e. Passengers traveling in a group of up to 9 passengers on a single ticket can do web check in.

So, more than 9 passengers on single ticket cannot do web check in. In order to do that, passengers can use more than one reservation number.

Also, Indigo airline is a well-known name in the aviation industry. It is popular for the best budget airline services. Which allows pocket friendly conveyance to person belonging to every economic class. Indigo airline is serving the Indian Aviation industry. Indigo staff is well skilled and professional. Most of the employees are at par excellence in their job profile. The cabin crew and the ground staff are on their toes to help the customers with their friendly behavior. Indigo airlines own 161 Airbuses that operates on daily basis to 20 cities within India. All the flights are well connected to the each other in the East, West, North, and South. The headquarter Indigo airlines is at Indira Gandhi International airport in New Delhi.

Indigo Interesting Facts

Founded by Rahul Bhatia and Rakesh Gangwal in the year 2006. Indigo airlines brought to the market as low cost airlines. Companies aim was to connect every major city in the country. It provides best facility to its customers at pocket friendly cost. Indigo operates on all brand new series of air buses such A320s. These Air Buses are maintain in good condition to provide hassle free service to customers.

However, the entire traveling process from one place to the other is smooth and comfortable. Best part is easy and immediate check-in and safe transport of luggage.

In addition, check out “How to do Indigo web check in” for more information about Indigo online services.

How to do Indigo Web Check-in?

indigo web check in

Indigo Web Check In steps for domestic and international travelers

Indigo web check in process is simple and easy for both domestic and international travelers. You can save your precious time at airport if you are using Indigo Web check. We would like to share some simple steps by which you can do web check in easily. Here is how to do Indigo Web Check In

  • Visit
  • Select the web Check-in option.
  • Follow the process flow as per the requisite information.
  • Enter your 6-digit code of Booking Reference and Email ID/Last name.
  • Please read the following terms and condition mentioned above. Click on confirm and continue check the box.
  • While you follow the process, you will be shown the seat map from where you can choose any of the available seats. Click on “Pick seat” or “Auto Allocate seat” to confirm your allotted seat.
  • Move your cursor to “Click here to Check in” option and click on it.
  • On successful completion of web Check-in you will get your Boarding pass ready with two options: View/Print/Boarding Pass or you can send to your Email address for printing later.

Hope this will help you in your future check-ins. You can follow simple instructions and save your time. This online check in process is applicable for both domestic and international travelers who are using indigo airlines. Stand out of the queue and check-in like a celebrity by using online check in process. If you have further questions then check out Where can I get Indigo Web Check In information you can find more detailed information of Indigo Web Check In.

Rate the information as per your traveling experience. If you could contribute in this information then comment below or get back to us. We would love to hear from more people.

Easy steps to get Indigo Boarding Pass Online

Indigo Boarding Pass

Here is how to get Indigo Boarding Pass

Passengers can get their Indigo boarding pass when they do web check-in or they can also get their boarding pass at the time they drop baggage. Most of the airports in India have self check-in counters from where a traveler can generate boarding passes.

In order to get the Indigo Boarding Pass online, you can follow given below steps.

  • Visit
  • Click on check in tab
  • Enter your booking reference & email id
  • Click on check in
  • Print your boarding pass

Please know that you can now web check-in any time up to 2 hours before the scheduled departure for your International flight. Or up to 1 hour before the scheduled departure of your domestic flight. However, certain seats may be charged. But you also have a chance to choose between seats and occupy your preferred seat for your journey.

Hope this will help you to get your Indigo Boarding Pass easily. It is always good to have boarding pass in prior while traveling. It can reduce a lot of time and stress during the check-in process. You can concentrate more on your journey instead of worrying about the documents. Being a traveler I would also recommend you to carry a print of your boarding pass to avoid any future trouble during Airport Check-In process. Since the technology is growing so fast, you can also take a screen shot of your boarding pass. It is allowed by airport authorities to show screenshot of your boarding pass during check in.

If you are a frequent flyer and use IndiGo airlines for all of your journeys the then you might also like Indigo Web Check In FAQ for domestic & international travel you can find most relevant frequently asked question & answers here. And can also visit How to get cheap flight tickets in India for more awesome tips and tricks to book a cheap flight.

How much baggage can I check-in?

baggage allowance

Indigo Domestic Baggage allowance for travelers

Every airline company has different policy for check in baggage. Indigo domestic baggage allowance & international baggage allowance are slightly different from each other. Indigo allows free check in baggage service with some conditions. Given below are rules & regulations applies to adult and child except infants

  • 15kg (Domestic)
  • 20kg (International except Dubai and Muscat) *

However, If passengers are traveling to and from Dubai and Muscat- allowance is up to 30kgs

Additional charges for excess baggage

Passengers carrying more than the free baggage allowance or over-sized, will be charged at the rate of INR 300 per kg (inclusive of all taxes) for Domestic and INR 525 (charged as per the base currency) at the time of check-in.

Pro Tip:- Traveling is not easy if you are carrying luggage with you. Being a traveler I would also suggest you to use as much as options available. Most of the people are not aware that if you are traveling via Indigo airlines, then you can have Domestic TravInsure. This is a special insurance plan designed for Indigo passengers.

Any Indian domestic passenger traveling within India can purchase Domestic TravInsure, while booking their flights on

Foreigner passengers holding passports of any other country other than India can purchase Domestic TravInsure if they have a work permit in India and are traveling within India. I believe it is a good initiative by Indigo. People who are traveling with some extra luggage will be happy after this and can enjoy their journey. For more information on this service you can visit and avail the facility.

I would suggest you to please check all the terms and conditions before availing the service. it’s a joint facility by TATA AIG and Indigo airlines for passengers. Be sure before availing the service.

Check-in closure timing at Indigo

indigo check in closure timing

The fear of missing flight is worst to experience for everyone. Highly populated cities with extensive traffic can be the biggest problem to reach airport on scheduled timing. Given below is the information for indigo check in closure timing which will help travelers to check in on time.

Indigo Check In Closure Timing for gate

A Passenger traveling on domestic and International flight need to complete their all the airport formalities including the baggage check-in as per the following timing:

Domestic Gate Closing Time:  45 minutes prior to the scheduled departure time.

International Gate Closing Time:  75 minutes prior to the scheduled departure time.

However, we recommend you to reach the airport before the scheduled departure time as per the mentioned time on your booking ticket.

Hassle free travel is what a passenger need. If you want to travel hassle free then it is recommended to get to the airport on time. You can reach at least an hour before the recommended minimum check-in time. Every airline company have their own rules and regulations when it comes to check in closer timings.  It is recommended to check with your airline for recommended minimum check-in times. This can be as little as 20-45 minutes for domestic flights from small airports. If you are having small luggage or hand luggage only. And it could be 3 hours for an international flight to or from the United States or Israel where the security theater can be extensive and time consuming for travelers.

Depending on your mode of transport to the airport and the distances involved you should add another hour of buffer on top of that. This extra hour will also give you a buffer for delays on the way to the airport.

Use this information for all your future travels to have a hassle free journey. Also check the information about web check in to save your time.

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