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Indigo Airline coach catches fire at Chennai Airport

There’s a log happen in Indigo Airline during the year 2017. We have seen so many controversies in Indigo Airline during this year. From manhandling a customer to coach caching fire there’s a lot happened during this year. Despite of being all odds, company is working hard to attract new customers. Indigo Airline is continuously working to add new features and services to add new customers in its fleet.

Recently Indigo airlines added few new flights to cater more customers. From January 01, 2018, IndiGo will operate new flights between Hyderabad-Jammu and Jaipur-Jammu amongst other routes. The airline will also add new frequencies from Hyderabad to Varanasi and Jaipur. These new flights are designed the way that they can serve business and leisure travelers. People who are keep on looking for new and affordable flight options would be happy to see this update from Indigo. More update is available at Indigo Airline News Update 2018

IndiGo airline
Pic courtesy : https://www.aninews.in/

On Friday December 29th 2017, one of the Indigo Airline coach caught fire and video went viral on different social media platforms. Incident occurred at Chennai airport when an n Indigo coach that ferries passengers from the terminal to the aircraft caught fire. The incident took place around 8 am when the coach dropped the passengers and was returning to the terminal.

However, no passenger or airline ground crew reported hurt in the incident. Good thing was the coach was empty and the emergency staff took immediate action. Indigo emergency staff took control over fire by taking quick actions.

Indian Airport Authority which maintains and operates the Chennai Airport asked the airline company to take this incident very seriously and do a deep investigation on this. The governing body asked company to find out the root cause of this incident. Indigo assured that they will work on this and given surety about passengers’ safety.

After this incident, action taken by Indigo airline is very much appreciated by the company didn’t commented anything when asked about this by Airport Authority of India.

I hope in coming year 2018, Indigo Airline will come up with few good news instead of incidents like this.


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