Interesting facts about air travel
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Interesting facts about air travel you never knew

Everyone have different experiences and their own interesting facts about air travel. For some people, it is comfortable and time saving but some find it difficult and scary. Everyone have their own explanation about flying. It is a mysterious and terrifying ride for aerophobic people. Worldwide, 2.75 billion people fly on commercial airlines every year. There are a lot of myths about flying. There is very little legitimate cause for worry when flying in a passenger airplane. Today, we are going to share some interesting facts about air travel which will amaze you. You might have heard few of them already but not all at once.

airplane turbulance

You should not worry about the turbulence because of following reason

The airliners today are flying aircraft that are required, under very strict rules, to not “break” in turbulence way beyond anything you will ever experience.  Even the worst turbulence you will feel is far below what is considered unsafe.  The wings can flex to a point so far it would be terrifying to actually see from inside the plane, but they still aren’t going to break.

Airplane Noise

Why there’s no worth of paying attention to the noises

There are all sorts of strange noises that are going to occur at different points of the flight, from when you’re sitting at the gate right after you board, all the way through when the engines shut down.The Airbus A320 always fascinates me with bizarre noises that are all normal.  The main one is a “buzz saw” like sound at high thrust.  It really gets your attention, especially if you are forward of the engines. The tips of the fan blades going supersonic is the reason behind it, and something called the “acoustic intake liner”.  It’s more pronounced on some aircraft than others due to the design.  You’ll hear it on the A320s (although not so much with the newer ones), but I also hear it a lot on 757s. There is also the “barking dog” noise (you’ll know what I mean once you hear it) on these aircraft, due to the power transfer unit (PTU).  Basically it’s a hydraulic pump that makes a very strange sound, but is working as expected. And just to finish this “noise” section, if you are sitting at the gate waiting to leave, and suddenly hear a shrill, prolonged whine, it’s just another hydraulic pump opening the cargo area.

Airlance Hard Landing
Why pilots purposely do hard landings during bad weather

It is absolutely correct that sometimes pilots do hard landings during bad weather. But there’s nothing to be afraid of these hard landings because airplanes have built-in capability to handle stress. Especially in rainy season you will encounter such landings. Pilots do hard landing on rainy season to avoid skidding due to water on surface. It is common in rainy season to experience sliding or skidding during landing. Water on the runway affects braking action because of hydroplaning – a thin layer of water comes between the tires and the runway surface, reducing braking effectiveness.

Airplane Dehydration
Is it true that flying causes dehydration

After doing some research, we found that it is not a myth. While travelling in airplane, you might be dehydrated. It happens because of limited humidity in airplanes. You lose about 8 ounces of water an hour. When lacking water, the body will restrict airways as a self-defense mechanism to preserve whatever water it has left. Dehydration can affect your body in many ways. So if you are traveling by airplanes, you must drink a lot of water to avoid dehydration. You might not like to wake up with digestive problems or a headache. Always carry a bottle of water while flying to avoid such conditions. Drink little extra water to wake up fresh.

Food in flight

Most of the airline serves tasteless food on Airplanes

This is the most common issue passenger face while traveling. If you are a flyer and have tasted food on airplane then you can relate to this. It’s not that airline companies don’t have better chefs. There’s absolutely no problem with airline food. But there’s a scientific reason behind this. Problem lies inside human body. Air pressure is changing too fast and you’re breathing cabin air. This causes the nasal mucus membranes to try, which can lead to reduced taste by as much as 30%. Now you know why you don’t enjoy airline food. So, before complaining about airline food quality, you should know that not every time it’s airline companies fault.

airplane bathroom lock

You can never lock yourself inside airplane bathroom

Locking yourself inside the airplane bathroom and doing stuff which you are not suppose to do is just the movie things. In reality, you can’t actually lock yourself inside bathroom. You will be surprised to know that flight attendants have a secret way to get into the lavatory from the outside. There’s a latch under the “occupied” sing that they can access. It enables them to access the lavatory at any time they want. The purpose of having such mechanism is to save passengers from locking themselves inside bathroom. They can swoop in and unlock passenger when they lock themselves inside bathroom. It sound little childish but actually it is made for children.  You might see a kid screaming inside bathroom for help and then flight attendants can solve the problem. I would suggest you to be careful. Think twice before doing something inside airplane bathroom. Don’t do something which you are not supposed to do.

safest seat on airplane

Airplane tale is the safest place while crash

Fear of flying or aerophobia is one of the biggest reasons to have this question in mind that which is the safest place to sit while traveling in airplane. People who have fear of flying always have crash incidents in their minds. However, you will be surprised to hear that it is prove by different research institutes that airplane tale is the safest place to sit and survive crash. Studies show that people who take the first rows are more likely unsafe during a crash. The survival studies shows that people who took back seat at the plane could survive crash up to 69%. However the percentage of survival for front seats is 49%. As per the search there is the safest seat on a plane

dirtiest thing on plane

Bathroom is not the dirtiest thing on airplane

This is little surprising but absolutely true. Airplane bathrooms are not the dirtiest thing on airplane. The table tray is marked as dirtiest and least hygienic part of airplanes. A lot of researches conducted to found it true or not. During an experiment, microbiologists found more than 3000 bacteria on a plate. You better be careful while using table tray. It is always good to use anti-bacterial wipe or clean the table tray before using it. Seat belt buckles are the next dirtiest thing in a flight. An airplane has high concentrations of bacteria, which is not surprising since every passenger touches the buckle at least twice while on board. The easiest way to tackle this is by keeping a bottle of sanitizer handy and using it periodically. People while traveling ignores these little things and think about only the bathrooms.

airplane mode

It is important to keep phone on airplane mode while flying

Technically it is not important to always keep your phone on airplane mode while flying. Flight attendant staff asks you to do it because they want you to listen to safety instructions carefully. All passengers should know the security protocol for any emergency situation. Apart from that there’s no need to put your phone on airplane mode. It is a complete myth that phone call radiations disturb the landing routes by creating problems in airplane GPS system. There’s no such evidence which shows that mobile phone cause problems in airplane signals.

twin engine planes

A twin engine plane can’t fly on one engine

This statement is not 100% true. Failure of one engine cause problems in twin engine plane but these planes are designed to handle such conditions. Pilots are trained enough to fly planes when one engine stops working. Losing one engine is not serious problem with a skilled pilot. You flight pilot will fly the plane with one engine and land the plane safely to nearby suitable airport. So when you hear that one engine has stopped working during a flight, you must calm yourself and have faith in your pilot. Isn’t it an interesting fact about air travel?

airplane dump

Airplanes dump human waste while flying

Nobody would never be happy to see dump on your house thrown by a flying airplane. This is a complete hypothetical situation. In reality, airplanes don’t do such things. Airline staff can’t discard lavatories during the flight. Airline companies do the cleaning stuff when the flight lands at the airport. A blue fluid along with people’s contribution is vacuumed into a tank which is at the back of a truck. Once the process is completed, they dump it elsewhere. But surely this process is not possible to perform when plane is in mid air.

liquor on airplane

You can carry liquor on flight

Surprised? It is quite obvious to know that you can actually carry liquor on flight. However, all it depends on quantity. You certainly can’t bring the full bottle but you can carry mini bottles. So if are going to travel in a long flight but you are not comfortable with flight wine, carry a mini bottle of your choice.

toys on plane

Is it allowed to carry an adult toy in your luggage?

There are times where you security staff will ask you to remove some stuff from your luggage. They call it either unsafe or prohibited but you will be surprised to hear that you can carry adult toys in your luggage. This is surprisingly interesting and 100% true. No security official will ask you to remove it from your luggage. So, if you are planning a short trip and want to bring such toys along with you, you are good to go. You can carry your stuff in carry-on baggage. This is one of the bizarre and interesting fact about air travel


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