International women’s day

International women’s day

International women’s day celebration started in India. We celebrate women’s day on 8th march every year.  The very first women’s day was celebrated on 28th February 1909. But after some time it was changed to 8th of March every year in 1910. Women empowerment in India is encouraged by people in every sector. We can see a lot of programs for women safety and empowerment created by Indian Government and governing authorities. Also, the latest example of women empowerment program is the campaign created by Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi by the name of “Beti Bachao Beti Padhao”.

In the honor of all women, every airline company celebrates international women’s day in their own style. Today I am going to share about how our different airline companies are going to celebrate this women’s day 2018.

Air India Women’s day celebration

International women’s day AirIndia

Air India is going to operate flights with all-women cockpit and cabin crew as part of its women’s day 2018 celebrations. Company is going to dedicate this to its female employees. Air India decided to run multiple flights on different routes with same patter to honor women. As per the official statement by Air India “the unique feature of this Air India’s all-woman crew flights is that most of the operations from Cockpit crew to Cabin crew, Check-In staff, Doctor, commercial staff, ground operators to technicians, engineers, flight dispatchers, and even safety and quality auditors are all mostly women. Even the person behind this event is also a women – Amrita Sharan who is Executive Director Integration and Industrial Relations and in charge of Crew Management. Isn’t it great ladies? I believe this is the best gift by the airline company for their women crew.

Spicejet Women’s day celebration

International women’s day SpiceJet

Spicejet is all set to make the International Women’s Day special for women, both staffers and customers. Indian domestic airline giant Spicejet did a little different thing from other airline companies. Company started a recruitment drive for women pilots on Wednesday as part of the International Women’s Day celebrations. As per the company it was for its Boeing 737 and Bombardier Q400 fleet. Surprisingly Spicejet received more than 175 applications in just 2 days. Official spokesperson of Spicejet said that they have offered special contracts to all the women pilots. As per the contract, women pilots are allowed to fly at their own convenience. On March 8, SpiceJet plans to operate three special flights with all-women cockpit and cabin crew.

Vistara Women’s day Celebration

International women’s day vistara airlines

Vistara also planned an event for their female customer and staff. Just like Air-India, Vistara also will also operate “All women crew” on 8th march 2018 to celebrate international women’s day. Apart from that company is going to offer priority boarding for all women travelers and celebratory sale of tickets, among others. On top of that, Vistara is offering domestic flight tickets starting from Rs 1,099 from 00:01 hrs to 23:59 hrs on March 8. This would be a 24hrs sale for Vistara customers. The celebration doesn’t ends here. Vistara will be additionally offering a bunch of additional benefits for women customers flying on Thursday 8th March 2018. These are complimentary one-class upgrade to all solo women flyers, subject to availability upon check-in, priority boarding (“First to board”) for all women travelers, and mementos for women customers and staff.