Strange things could get you kicked out of an Airplane
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Strange things could get you kicked out of an Airplane

There are number of rules and regulations of every airline company when it comes to allow passenger. But some people have extraordinary skills to find a loophole between rules and does something which they are not suppose to do. There are many instances where airline companies remove people from airplane. You must have seen news such as people getting boot out from airplane for misbehaving, breaking rules or making others uncomfortable. But today we are going to talk about few things which you are not suppose to do while flying.

Dressing overly sexy

This might be a shocker for you but it is completely true. People are not supposed to dress up provocative on flight. Airline companies might ask you get off the airplane if they find your outfit lewd, obscene or offensive.

Going Barefoot

You should be careful before removing your shoes. If you have a long flight then you might want to pull off your shoes and get comfortable but make sure your feet don’t smell. If you are walking in aisle during a long flight then you should put back your shoes. Avoid going bathroom barefoot. There are few airline companies which will not allow you to walk barefoot in airplane.

A malodorous condition

You might not want to sit next to a person who doesn’t smells well or smells really bad. Good healthy aromas are acceptable but bad aromas are equally unacceptable. You might complain airline staff about your fellow passenger who is reeking and ask the person to shift from your neighborhood to somewhere else in airplane. That’s what airline companies do at the time of boarding. If they find a person in malodorous condition, they might not allow getting in the airplane.

Being too big

It’s really not a big deal if you have little extra pounds but if you are on an airplane you might think about it. If you can’t fasten your seat belt then airline company might ask you to deboard the flight. It sounds ridiculous but it is true that airline companies can ask overweight passengers to de-board & make another booking for themselves. For big guys, that usually means buying two seats and getting a seatbelt extension to ensure that they fit and can buckle up.

Join the Mile High Club

If you fantasize about flights then you should know that your fantasy could lead you in trouble. If you get caught using the airplane bathroom to have sex, you can be removed from the plane. It’s not technically illegal and thousands of people report having done it but you should never get caught.

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