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Boarding pass terms and conditions for web check in

There are no hidden terms and conditions for boarding pass and id proofs if you are using web check in service. All the boarding pass terms and conditions for this service is clear and simple for all domestic and international travelers. It is not necessary for passengers to carry a print of the boarding pass while check-in at airport if they have already done web check in. Although it is recommended to take a print to avoid the long queue at the counter there saving your time and ensuring a hassle free travel 🙂 boarding pass can also be issued from the counter or Kiosk at the airport.

Pro tip: You have the option of printing your boarding pass but you can also screenshot it for an easy and quick access.

However, Immigration check is mandatory for all passengers, Indians or foreigners, both at the time of arrival and departure to and from a foreign destination.

For further details on immigration requirements, please visit

Boarding pass contains a lot of traveler information. I will always suggest you to destroy the boarding pass after traveling. This is because the two-dimensional bar-codes and QR codes can hold a great deal of information. The codes printed on your airline boarding passes may allow someone to discover more about you, your upcoming travel plans, and your frequent flyer account information.

There are websites which can easily read the bar-codes and decode information in fraction of seconds. So be careful with your boarding pass. People often share their boarding pass images on social media which is not a good thing to do. It is not safe to share your personal information on social platforms. If you really want to share it then always hide the bar-code. It is also good to use shredder for used boarding pass instead of throwing it in dustbins. The next time you travel, make sure to keep your boarding pass safe and destroy it to avoid such problems.


  1. Please issue Boarding passes for the trips from Delhi to Bhubaneshwar and Bhubaneshwar for the Indigo Flight A320 vide PNR No. F82K5Y

  2. Hello Mr. Upadhyay,

    Apologize for delay in response.

    Please know that In order to get the boarding pass, you need to follow the process of airline company. If you are traveling via Indigo Airlines then you can follow the steps mentioned at https://webcheckins.in/indigo-boarding-pass-online/.

    However, you can also call the customer care of airline company to get help. You can find contact number and contact emails of few commonly used Indian Airlines here : https://webcheckins.in/airline-contact-information/

    Hope this helps.!
    Team Web Check In


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