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Things you should never do while you choose air travel for your journey

When you choose air travel for your upcoming journey, you expect a journey will less complications. But not everyone is expert in traveling and they do tiny wrong things which create problems afterwards. Traveling should be fun not a headache for travelers. You could make little changes in your travel plan and make your journey hassle free. These little things can make a big difference in your travel. You could control your travel problems by making slight changes. None is immune for uncertain disruptions but you could take few steps to decrease the possibilities.  Today we are going to talk about important things you should avoid while you choose air travel for your journey.

Change money at Airport

Do not waste your time in waiting in long quest at money exchange counters at airport. They are good in charging you little extra bucks for services. You might be in hurry and wouldn’t mind paying little extra amount for their services. But you could actually save yourself from this if you do it in prior. You can save yourself from being charged for hidden charges, extra service charges and a lot of hassle while waiting in long ques.

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Don’t forget to check for your ID’s before leaving house

You can’t deny any uncertain disruptions while traveling. You don’t know when you need an original ID. What if you are traveling and someone steal your belongings. You might need to call the cops and register your complaint but how would you do that without the ID? If you have a booking on your name but you are not able to provide relevant ID how would find a place in this situation? These are just examples. So it’s always better to make copies of your travel itineraries and identification documents.

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Think twice before using Airline blankets

You need to think twice before laying your head inside a blanket or pillow provided by airline. Airline companies recycle the blankets but you might not see a completely wrapped blanket every time you fly. It is always recommended to use blanket which is wrapped in plastic. These are perfectly clean and unused blanket which you can use without giving a second thought. It is good to choose air travel for your journey but not good to choose unhygienic blankets

Don’t take out your cameras from your bag

A hanging camera in your neck works as a identification of “I am a tourist” People can easily recognize that you don’t belong to that location. It attracts thieves, attackers and other anti-social elements. It is because tourists carry extra money and stuff than a local citizen. You might not like to invite any mishap for yourself.

Never use contact lenses while flying

It is not a good idea to use contact lenses during a flight. Use glasses instead. You know that the cabin air is warm and dry & air pressure changes as soon as plane catches height. It may cause irritation in your eyes. You left with no option but to scratch and it will make your eyes little uncomfortable. You should not sleep while contact lenses on. Taking them off and putting them back in a place full of people in unhygienic condition is not a good idea.

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