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Worldwide airport chaos after computer check in systems crash

On September 28th 2017, a major computer check in system at airport got crashed. And it disrupted airports worldwide. Huge queues formed at airports around the world on September 28th 2017. It happened because of an IT problem. As per Amadeus, Altea system went down for a while.

Altea is an IT system program. This is a program made by the Spanish travel services software giant Amadeus. This program handles computers operations. It works inside British Airways, Air France, Lufthansa and other carriers, who use it every day to check passengers onto flights.

Travelers faced a lot of trouble while waiting on airports. All this happened just because of a technical problem with airline check-in system. After some time few airports reported that the issue is solve now. Some travelers reported waits of nearly two hours, while some outages lasted for just a minute or two.

Technicians quickly resolved the issue but knock-on effects caused delays for many customers.

During the problem, people left with no choice. While facing chaos and delays, many passengers took to social media to complain. Here are few tweets & pictures of this problem.

computer check in

Tweet source : Telegraph


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